Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tan skin look for winter

This 'winter' season in Malaysia, I'm going with a new look. Tan anyone?

Nahh. That's not it. Actually today my family and I(of course minus my dad and bro) went to have some family time at a water theme park here. As the obvious result, my skin is tan and my cheeks are red. I got burns, and it wasn't even a sunny day! I'm thankful for that, coz if not, my skin could've been worse.

So, the outing was fun. :D Staying at home to spend time with my sibs is the right call afterall. It wouldn't be as fun if I wasn't here I'm sure. :) heee.

My tan skin should look like this now.

Haha. Know her? Shayne Lamas, the winner for The Bachelor Season 12. Omg, I adore herrrrr! I am actually seriously considering having blonde hair now. Okay, joking. She's like me in a way, sometimes tough, sometimes very 'manja'. See, I forget my vocab for awhile. -.-'

Moving on, these days I've been thinking a lot you know. This is as a result of total boredom I'm pretty sure of that. I thought about my 2010 and how its about to end, what I've done, my mistakes, I mean everything. It pisses me off that, I've done so many things that I sworn I'd never do. I am so disappointed in myself academically, emotionally, in terms of relationships too. Be it with parents, siblings or friends, I find myself looking back and wishing that I could do everything differently. But I guess its all in the past now, right? I shall be writing a post about 2010 soon, as 2011 is drawing near. Another full year, leaving me just like that. -.-

Anyway, here's a thought. I might be going back to Subang afterall, if and only if I didn't get a job here. Time is running out, and I really wanna go spend some quality girlfriend time! I needed that, as a good start to kickoff 2011. ;)

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