Monday, January 31, 2011

I will follow you

A quick one. I'm changing to Digi, and I'll have a yellow boyfriend after this. What say you?

p/s: nak pg tengok Green Hornet with Apek, Bob and Sufi. Adam cakap tak best, but we'll see how. Haha.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Freaky Friday

So this is what I've been watching. Yeah, I know, another korean drama? I really really can't help it though. I find this one has a rather interesting plot though. Involving switching bodies, you know, like freaky friday kinda thing, but only between the hero and heroine. Its very hilarious, and VERY SAD at the same time. I've been crying my eyes out for two nights while watching this series. Its good for relieving stress, I guess. I've been mad and sad, and emotional, so it feels good to cry all out! ^_^

Ha Ji Won, with an amazing bod and my oppa, Hyun Bin. ;)

Good to see that Hyun Bin hasn't lose his handsomeness although he is now sadly 29 years old. What is it, with me, and older guys anyway? Hehehe. So far I have to exes at the age of 25. Hopefully I didn't go for more than that age, after this. ;P Enough of that. Let's see, another reason why I love watching K-dramas, is, well, I get to discover another hottie which stole my heart. heeeeeeeee

Lee Philip! I super love his English accent! So far, he's the first Korean who speaks English without funny accent. So I love him for that. He grew up in the States, no wonder he have lil problem with English, seeing as it is his second language afterall.

Ahhhh, it feels good to rant on and on. Truth is, I am mad at the lil bastards again today. -,-'

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some things are just not worth saving

It is just that kind of a day where all you can think of is hating and screaming and yelling at people. Trust me, that's all I did today. Sometimes I'm just tired of playing the good sister, and good daughter. All I get back is just unthankfulness, unthoughtfullness and rudeness. Maybe it'll be better if I'm not at home.

Lil bastards get on my nerves everytime, lil sister don't talk to me as much, and mom nags 24/7. Hello, am I a worker here? I have feelings too. And I am not just sitting around at home to deserve any of the scoldings. FML.

You know why I say some things are just not worth saving? Because when its broken, I don't really believe in fixing it back.

Why, fatty why?

Heyy, I actually planned on posting about my workout routine today, but since I cooked something nice, I decided to put this up instead. ;)

Kurma ayam. *Bukan gambar sebenar.

Cendawan goreng. *Bukan gambar sebenar.

Hehe. Nice huh? Its my first time trying to cook Ayam Kurma and I'm glad that it turned greattt. ;) That's why I'm happily fat at home. LOL.

On another matter, I am pissed off these days when some people whom I don't really want on my bbm adds me up. I don't know about you guys, but I just hated people adding me up when we're not even close. Let alone to chat with them. And I'm not the kind of people who's looking for more contacts just to show off. I'm fine with just few contacts that I really talk to, or friends that I wanna hear from.

It's a lil rude to just delete and ignore them. But I guess that's the best solution. ;) Why have someone you dislike in ur contacts anyway?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fly high, yeah lets fly high!

Weehuu, I've been gone for a few days if you notice. I went to visit Mimi in Subang, and spend some time with her. Spent my Thursday watching Meet the Parents, Little Fockers with Amiron while waiting for Mimi to get off of work. Thanks Amir, temankan jalan2! :) I appreciate it. Hee.

On Friday, Mimi and I began our own adventure driving to Kelana Jaya. Haha, we're proud to say that we arrived safely without getting lost.This is thanks to the awesome driver,Ms Mimi, and the awesome co-driver, yours truly. ;D We went to Mid and spend quality girls time plus a movie. Gulliver's Travels was okay, and we had fun watching it! I miss my crazy bestfriend, and so it was nice getting to be crazy with her again!

Up next on my travel was the trip to Genting with Apek, Naim, and Sayid. Those boys really made my day a wonderful one. And I enjoyed riding rides with them,coz they're NUTS! I didn't get to take many pictures as Sayid took most of it. I'll let you see what I have though.
Ke Genting kita bergerak, kita bergerak!

Apek and Naim trying to get their own shot without Sayid getting in it. Hahaha.

The three musketeers? Lol.

This is the type of rides I wish I can ride on that day. The others are so scary I wanna die. -,-

The famous London bus. We didn't take pictures here though. ;( Still, I have pictures on it with my girlies the last time I went there. ;)) You're probably wondering right now, why am I not in the pictures right? Fear not, my friend. Here is itttttt.

Why I chose to be photographed with this Dino? Well, maybe because its bigger than me. Hence, I look smaller, and hence, thinner. Huh? ;P

And then, to the part where I dreaded most. The Space Shot. I've sworn before this I will NEVER get on this ride again, EVERRRR. So, I just stayed down and wait for the boys. ;D

However, if the Space Shot is of this height, I'll probably be the first to hop on the ride! hehehe.

Err, something about the snakes kissing is just not right. -,-

Okay, nextttt. The bumpy boat ride! Naim rode with Sayid, and I rode with Apek. I think I almost broke my nose as I bumped Apek's back when I hid behind him. All of us got off the boat soaking wet, and thanks to the weather, AWFULLY cold. The ride was nice though. At least it wasn't the roller coaster. hehe.

It was supposed to be my picture only, but then Sayid decided to take a group picture instead. Lol, I looked as if I wanna kiss someone. hahaha.

Now, this is the right picture. Aloneee. ;)

The theme park was open until 10pm, so the games just go on and on and onnnn. This booth always attracts my attention. There's a really huge life-size teddy that I want there! :(

After knocking ourselves out with tons of rides, we went back homeeeee. Apek fetched me the next day and we went back to Melaka, safe and sound. :)

That's it for now, guys. I'm tireddd, and I shall go to sleep. I have my maid duty tomorrow! hee.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's beautiful

I have finished watching You're Beautiful yesterday, and now I simply can't resist this:
And thiss. meow!
And his pout. Hahahaha.

I shall watch more of JGS's drama and movies after this. ;D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I miss my bf ;(

Aww, I am a very bored housewife with nothing better to do, other than watching soap operas and laugh and cry and fall in love over and over again.
These days I'm watching:

You're beautiful. Starring non other than Jang Geun Suk. <3<3!
He played Hwang Tae Kyung in that drama and sang a few songs himself too! My boyfie so gifted right? ;)

I still prefer him having long hair like this one, and like the one in Marry Me Mary. Super cute!

Okay, it is set. My next boyfriend shall have long wavy hair like JGS! :D

Moving on, yesterday was a major day as it was THE day I switch hair colour. I chose strawberry blonde, from REVLON. And God, I regretted using REVLON. Basically I can't see any colour change for my hair and I'm pissed. Problem with Loreal is, I cant find light shades, that's why I bought REVLON. Big mistake! Swear to God I'll never use REVLON after this. I shall stick to Loreal and only Loreal. ;(

Yesterday, I also bought myself a few stuffs.
1) A red lippie which I super love as it contrasts with my skin tone.
2) A tiger printed white and black pashmina: so gorge I could die!
3) Two blouses, and I likeeeeeeee, likeeeee 'em. :)
Overall, a happy day, minus the hair disaster. Haha.

And today, guess what? I went out with Fiezry. After about a year not seeing each other, we finally meet. It was rather awkward in the beginning but, it turned out okay as we had a lot to catch up on each other. He's still the same old Fiezry and we had a good time watching Khurafat, plus having dinner. ;D Hehe, hanging out with my ex is never really that weird afterall.

Hurm, I am still thinking of Apek's birthday present. I have no idea what to get for him. Suggestions anyone?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Of twisted toes and burned palms

Hello people! Notice the new layout? I was kinda bored with the previous one, so.... You know what? I love this layout coz it said, "Remember when, we laugh, we cry, together, you and me. " Sweet, right? Just like me. hehehe.

Okay, whatever. Now this week has been disastrous for me coz it seems like I'm prone to accidents wherever I turned my head to. For one, I got a twisted toe while I was chasing my brothers. And boy, it hurts so bad!! Tomorrow I'm gonna go fix it somehow with the aid of a chinese sen sei. Huu. Another case of unluckiness happened while I was cooking. Cooking RICE, I mean. My hand somehow got burned by the steam. Let me just tell you that for a fact, STEAM IS HOTTER THAN BOILING WATER. So, can you imagine the excruciating pain? It left a very big mark on my palm and I'm convinced that its a third degree burn. :(

Hee, how's your week so far Earthlings? Amazing? Awful? I wish for the best for you guys. :D

P/s: Ninie, i wanna read ur blog! invite meeeeeee! ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Suku dekad

Yeahh, dah suku dekad my eldest brother, Shahril has been around on Earth. Happy birthday, Abang! And also my best friend, who is celebrating his 20th birthday today, Apek, Happy birthday! :)

So today, as usual, I cooked and cleaned and what not. I am seriously turning into a full time housewife and I hate it. Good thing is, I've been filling my time thinking of what to do with my hair and stuff. New hair color and style. I'm not sure whether I should have bangs or not. You see, I love bangs, but it didn't really suit my chubby face. -.-'

I've always dyed my hair using Loreal Excellence Creme which is easily available and comes in a variety of shades. Thus, my rajin self went browsing the website searching for suitable colour and I found a few.

What do you think of reddish blonde? This is actually quite similar to my previous hair colour but slightly lighter. I am in the mood for red hair for 2011 but the right shade is simply too hard to find. :(

Auburn! I love it, but I doubt I'll get the same shade since my hair is of dark colour. -.-'

Last but not least, medium beige blonde. :) I've always wanted to do blonde, but am afraid it'll look all wrong, since I'm super pale. Anyway, blonde hair on Asians hardly looked right, and not all people can pull it off. Sooooooo, I don't know about going blonde. Maybe some other year.

After giving some thought, reddish blonde and auburn are my top two shades. The only problem is to go search for it in the mall. I'm afraid that some shades might not be available in Malaysia. Hopefully, the shades I want are here! :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

That bag!

Well, its a very very very boring day for me indeed. Although I managed to bake my bread pudding nicely and all, I'm just bored right after that. Haish. Lately I've been thinking of changing my hair colour yet againnn, and maybe being a redhead. But then again, I don't know. I feel like going auburn as well. So I can't decide, and I might be less miserable if I just dye it black then.

Yesterday I went out with my family, looking for my sis new motorbike and new tv and stuff. It was very very tiring and all I wanted was to go shopping for bags and dresses and shoes. Ouh yes shoes, and mre shoes! I hope the sale will go on forever and I shall be one happy fat lady! ;D

Anyways, these days I just love these sort of tote. Its awesomeeeee. I want one! huuuu.

Birkin Club tote

Hermes tote. LOVE LOVE

And somehow this Hermes tote screams androgonous, but I love it still.

And it comes in pink too! There's a red one that I love, and its super chic! :)

News, people. Mimi is back in Subang already, and I feel bad for not going back there with her. I hope she gets a job soon and will be okay while staying there. I shall go visit her when Apek's done with his finals.Heee.

Ouh, and Apek's birthday is coming! Haha. He's having his exams unfortunately on 12th. I hope he do go out and celebrate anyway. After all, its only once that he's turning 20. Hahaha.

Okay, that's it.I need to go workout now. :)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I need my baby

As much as I am happy being at home, I'm actually hungry all the time. I don't know if its just me, but I really really love fast food. I have good food at home, but I'm still longing for my favorite food. I wish that McD is just next door. Therefore I can die happily and fat. :D

I need thissssss. :(

Or at least thisssss. huuuuuu.
And its the curly fries season! I dont like prosperity burger though. I just love the curly friesss. Please buy me those stuff and I'll be forever happy. :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My precious, ^__^

So let me tell you what I've been to these few days. Phew, new year, any change for me? I'm afraid no. I was planning on getting a job though. I must've told you guys a thousand times! Its the second month of my holidays, and despite being fat and jobless, I find my current situation comforting. Well, part of the reason is because I'm home. I did told my mom that I'll be back in Subang soon, but she insisted on me staying here. I guess I'm just gonna stay home afterall. Besides, I hardly spent time at home in 2010. I gotta make it up to my family somehow. :)

Lets see, I went to a few places for interview and I got a couple of jobs but I ended up ditching it. Working in the cinema, and even as a barista certainly hold no charm for me these days. I guess I'm just too tired of working at the moment. I spent my studying days working so hard that I am having trouble adjusting myself in a new working environment. Or maybe just because I missed Topshop.

Haha. On a very different topic, what do you think of Korean drama??(In short, Kdrama) I am a big fan of Kdrama since the days of Winter Sonata! Kdrama is so much better than Hollywood drama in terms of storyline that doesn't stray too far from reality. Hdrama is full of meaningless sex, yada yada yada. Kdrama is far more romantic and warm and close to heart. It got me all teary and mellow and in love at the same time! :)) See, if you're not a girl it might be hard for you to relate to this. -.-' hee

Anyway, I am in love over and over and over again with this new drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night. This is the first time that I love both the main actor equally and can't decide who to root for. :)

Sweet couple! Kang Moo Kyul and Wi Mae Ri

The other guy, Byun Jung In


Jang Geun Suk himself sang the theme song, and believe me, its sexy! :)

See for yourself. :)