Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some things are just not worth saving

It is just that kind of a day where all you can think of is hating and screaming and yelling at people. Trust me, that's all I did today. Sometimes I'm just tired of playing the good sister, and good daughter. All I get back is just unthankfulness, unthoughtfullness and rudeness. Maybe it'll be better if I'm not at home.

Lil bastards get on my nerves everytime, lil sister don't talk to me as much, and mom nags 24/7. Hello, am I a worker here? I have feelings too. And I am not just sitting around at home to deserve any of the scoldings. FML.

You know why I say some things are just not worth saving? Because when its broken, I don't really believe in fixing it back.

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