Monday, January 24, 2011

Fly high, yeah lets fly high!

Weehuu, I've been gone for a few days if you notice. I went to visit Mimi in Subang, and spend some time with her. Spent my Thursday watching Meet the Parents, Little Fockers with Amiron while waiting for Mimi to get off of work. Thanks Amir, temankan jalan2! :) I appreciate it. Hee.

On Friday, Mimi and I began our own adventure driving to Kelana Jaya. Haha, we're proud to say that we arrived safely without getting lost.This is thanks to the awesome driver,Ms Mimi, and the awesome co-driver, yours truly. ;D We went to Mid and spend quality girls time plus a movie. Gulliver's Travels was okay, and we had fun watching it! I miss my crazy bestfriend, and so it was nice getting to be crazy with her again!

Up next on my travel was the trip to Genting with Apek, Naim, and Sayid. Those boys really made my day a wonderful one. And I enjoyed riding rides with them,coz they're NUTS! I didn't get to take many pictures as Sayid took most of it. I'll let you see what I have though.
Ke Genting kita bergerak, kita bergerak!

Apek and Naim trying to get their own shot without Sayid getting in it. Hahaha.

The three musketeers? Lol.

This is the type of rides I wish I can ride on that day. The others are so scary I wanna die. -,-

The famous London bus. We didn't take pictures here though. ;( Still, I have pictures on it with my girlies the last time I went there. ;)) You're probably wondering right now, why am I not in the pictures right? Fear not, my friend. Here is itttttt.

Why I chose to be photographed with this Dino? Well, maybe because its bigger than me. Hence, I look smaller, and hence, thinner. Huh? ;P

And then, to the part where I dreaded most. The Space Shot. I've sworn before this I will NEVER get on this ride again, EVERRRR. So, I just stayed down and wait for the boys. ;D

However, if the Space Shot is of this height, I'll probably be the first to hop on the ride! hehehe.

Err, something about the snakes kissing is just not right. -,-

Okay, nextttt. The bumpy boat ride! Naim rode with Sayid, and I rode with Apek. I think I almost broke my nose as I bumped Apek's back when I hid behind him. All of us got off the boat soaking wet, and thanks to the weather, AWFULLY cold. The ride was nice though. At least it wasn't the roller coaster. hehe.

It was supposed to be my picture only, but then Sayid decided to take a group picture instead. Lol, I looked as if I wanna kiss someone. hahaha.

Now, this is the right picture. Aloneee. ;)

The theme park was open until 10pm, so the games just go on and on and onnnn. This booth always attracts my attention. There's a really huge life-size teddy that I want there! :(

After knocking ourselves out with tons of rides, we went back homeeeee. Apek fetched me the next day and we went back to Melaka, safe and sound. :)

That's it for now, guys. I'm tireddd, and I shall go to sleep. I have my maid duty tomorrow! hee.

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