Friday, January 28, 2011

Freaky Friday

So this is what I've been watching. Yeah, I know, another korean drama? I really really can't help it though. I find this one has a rather interesting plot though. Involving switching bodies, you know, like freaky friday kinda thing, but only between the hero and heroine. Its very hilarious, and VERY SAD at the same time. I've been crying my eyes out for two nights while watching this series. Its good for relieving stress, I guess. I've been mad and sad, and emotional, so it feels good to cry all out! ^_^

Ha Ji Won, with an amazing bod and my oppa, Hyun Bin. ;)

Good to see that Hyun Bin hasn't lose his handsomeness although he is now sadly 29 years old. What is it, with me, and older guys anyway? Hehehe. So far I have to exes at the age of 25. Hopefully I didn't go for more than that age, after this. ;P Enough of that. Let's see, another reason why I love watching K-dramas, is, well, I get to discover another hottie which stole my heart. heeeeeeeee

Lee Philip! I super love his English accent! So far, he's the first Korean who speaks English without funny accent. So I love him for that. He grew up in the States, no wonder he have lil problem with English, seeing as it is his second language afterall.

Ahhhh, it feels good to rant on and on. Truth is, I am mad at the lil bastards again today. -,-'

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