Sunday, January 16, 2011

I miss my bf ;(

Aww, I am a very bored housewife with nothing better to do, other than watching soap operas and laugh and cry and fall in love over and over again.
These days I'm watching:

You're beautiful. Starring non other than Jang Geun Suk. <3<3!
He played Hwang Tae Kyung in that drama and sang a few songs himself too! My boyfie so gifted right? ;)

I still prefer him having long hair like this one, and like the one in Marry Me Mary. Super cute!

Okay, it is set. My next boyfriend shall have long wavy hair like JGS! :D

Moving on, yesterday was a major day as it was THE day I switch hair colour. I chose strawberry blonde, from REVLON. And God, I regretted using REVLON. Basically I can't see any colour change for my hair and I'm pissed. Problem with Loreal is, I cant find light shades, that's why I bought REVLON. Big mistake! Swear to God I'll never use REVLON after this. I shall stick to Loreal and only Loreal. ;(

Yesterday, I also bought myself a few stuffs.
1) A red lippie which I super love as it contrasts with my skin tone.
2) A tiger printed white and black pashmina: so gorge I could die!
3) Two blouses, and I likeeeeeeee, likeeeee 'em. :)
Overall, a happy day, minus the hair disaster. Haha.

And today, guess what? I went out with Fiezry. After about a year not seeing each other, we finally meet. It was rather awkward in the beginning but, it turned out okay as we had a lot to catch up on each other. He's still the same old Fiezry and we had a good time watching Khurafat, plus having dinner. ;D Hehe, hanging out with my ex is never really that weird afterall.

Hurm, I am still thinking of Apek's birthday present. I have no idea what to get for him. Suggestions anyone?


Deeya Cantabile said...

I recommend Liese or Beauteen hair dye..
the color wud turn out 2-3 shades darker than the picture at the box
if you hav fine hair.
always go for the lightest color.
I discovered Liese just recently.
it's a bubble/foam hair dye,
and it's much easier to use if you prefer DIY.
i love their chiffon beige..

Shakhina Ahmad said...

thank you! i was afraid to use liese before coz i was scared that the colour wont spread evenly. but, thanks for the good review. i can finally try that one after this!