Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My precious, ^__^

So let me tell you what I've been to these few days. Phew, new year, any change for me? I'm afraid no. I was planning on getting a job though. I must've told you guys a thousand times! Its the second month of my holidays, and despite being fat and jobless, I find my current situation comforting. Well, part of the reason is because I'm home. I did told my mom that I'll be back in Subang soon, but she insisted on me staying here. I guess I'm just gonna stay home afterall. Besides, I hardly spent time at home in 2010. I gotta make it up to my family somehow. :)

Lets see, I went to a few places for interview and I got a couple of jobs but I ended up ditching it. Working in the cinema, and even as a barista certainly hold no charm for me these days. I guess I'm just too tired of working at the moment. I spent my studying days working so hard that I am having trouble adjusting myself in a new working environment. Or maybe just because I missed Topshop.

Haha. On a very different topic, what do you think of Korean drama??(In short, Kdrama) I am a big fan of Kdrama since the days of Winter Sonata! Kdrama is so much better than Hollywood drama in terms of storyline that doesn't stray too far from reality. Hdrama is full of meaningless sex, yada yada yada. Kdrama is far more romantic and warm and close to heart. It got me all teary and mellow and in love at the same time! :)) See, if you're not a girl it might be hard for you to relate to this. -.-' hee

Anyway, I am in love over and over and over again with this new drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night. This is the first time that I love both the main actor equally and can't decide who to root for. :)

Sweet couple! Kang Moo Kyul and Wi Mae Ri

The other guy, Byun Jung In


Jang Geun Suk himself sang the theme song, and believe me, its sexy! :)

See for yourself. :)

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