Friday, January 14, 2011

Of twisted toes and burned palms

Hello people! Notice the new layout? I was kinda bored with the previous one, so.... You know what? I love this layout coz it said, "Remember when, we laugh, we cry, together, you and me. " Sweet, right? Just like me. hehehe.

Okay, whatever. Now this week has been disastrous for me coz it seems like I'm prone to accidents wherever I turned my head to. For one, I got a twisted toe while I was chasing my brothers. And boy, it hurts so bad!! Tomorrow I'm gonna go fix it somehow with the aid of a chinese sen sei. Huu. Another case of unluckiness happened while I was cooking. Cooking RICE, I mean. My hand somehow got burned by the steam. Let me just tell you that for a fact, STEAM IS HOTTER THAN BOILING WATER. So, can you imagine the excruciating pain? It left a very big mark on my palm and I'm convinced that its a third degree burn. :(

Hee, how's your week so far Earthlings? Amazing? Awful? I wish for the best for you guys. :D

P/s: Ninie, i wanna read ur blog! invite meeeeeee! ;)


.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

loving your blog layout! mne dapat? :( sila drop your email at facebook yeh? xoxo

Shakhina Ahmad said...

i google je for blogger template! then i click results for images, and cari yang comel. then baru i pg site org tu. :) okayy, i'll drp my email nnt. :))