Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Suku dekad

Yeahh, dah suku dekad my eldest brother, Shahril has been around on Earth. Happy birthday, Abang! And also my best friend, who is celebrating his 20th birthday today, Apek, Happy birthday! :)

So today, as usual, I cooked and cleaned and what not. I am seriously turning into a full time housewife and I hate it. Good thing is, I've been filling my time thinking of what to do with my hair and stuff. New hair color and style. I'm not sure whether I should have bangs or not. You see, I love bangs, but it didn't really suit my chubby face. -.-'

I've always dyed my hair using Loreal Excellence Creme which is easily available and comes in a variety of shades. Thus, my rajin self went browsing the website searching for suitable colour and I found a few.

What do you think of reddish blonde? This is actually quite similar to my previous hair colour but slightly lighter. I am in the mood for red hair for 2011 but the right shade is simply too hard to find. :(

Auburn! I love it, but I doubt I'll get the same shade since my hair is of dark colour. -.-'

Last but not least, medium beige blonde. :) I've always wanted to do blonde, but am afraid it'll look all wrong, since I'm super pale. Anyway, blonde hair on Asians hardly looked right, and not all people can pull it off. Sooooooo, I don't know about going blonde. Maybe some other year.

After giving some thought, reddish blonde and auburn are my top two shades. The only problem is to go search for it in the mall. I'm afraid that some shades might not be available in Malaysia. Hopefully, the shades I want are here! :)


.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

saya suke awak color rambut purple! hehe, pernahkan, mcm dark purple? or itu color lain? hee..

Shakhina Ahmad said...

ninie! i tak pernah lagi kaler purple. it was red! orangey red! hahahaha.

heyy, i wanna read ur blog. why is it private?