Sunday, January 09, 2011

That bag!

Well, its a very very very boring day for me indeed. Although I managed to bake my bread pudding nicely and all, I'm just bored right after that. Haish. Lately I've been thinking of changing my hair colour yet againnn, and maybe being a redhead. But then again, I don't know. I feel like going auburn as well. So I can't decide, and I might be less miserable if I just dye it black then.

Yesterday I went out with my family, looking for my sis new motorbike and new tv and stuff. It was very very tiring and all I wanted was to go shopping for bags and dresses and shoes. Ouh yes shoes, and mre shoes! I hope the sale will go on forever and I shall be one happy fat lady! ;D

Anyways, these days I just love these sort of tote. Its awesomeeeee. I want one! huuuu.

Birkin Club tote

Hermes tote. LOVE LOVE

And somehow this Hermes tote screams androgonous, but I love it still.

And it comes in pink too! There's a red one that I love, and its super chic! :)

News, people. Mimi is back in Subang already, and I feel bad for not going back there with her. I hope she gets a job soon and will be okay while staying there. I shall go visit her when Apek's done with his finals.Heee.

Ouh, and Apek's birthday is coming! Haha. He's having his exams unfortunately on 12th. I hope he do go out and celebrate anyway. After all, its only once that he's turning 20. Hahaha.

Okay, that's it.I need to go workout now. :)


.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

aiyoo! workout? mak ngah jealous nie. :p
btw, you're up with your new semester? or you cuti? i mcm confused u kat kl ke kat melaka. :p

Shakhina Ahmad said...

heyy, i miss youu!
i da gemuk, kenalah exercise sket. :(
hehehe, i'm still at home, holidays sampai end of february! super longgggg.

i hope you're doing great there aunt,da lame tk dgr khabar. :)