Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why, fatty why?

Heyy, I actually planned on posting about my workout routine today, but since I cooked something nice, I decided to put this up instead. ;)

Kurma ayam. *Bukan gambar sebenar.

Cendawan goreng. *Bukan gambar sebenar.

Hehe. Nice huh? Its my first time trying to cook Ayam Kurma and I'm glad that it turned greattt. ;) That's why I'm happily fat at home. LOL.

On another matter, I am pissed off these days when some people whom I don't really want on my bbm adds me up. I don't know about you guys, but I just hated people adding me up when we're not even close. Let alone to chat with them. And I'm not the kind of people who's looking for more contacts just to show off. I'm fine with just few contacts that I really talk to, or friends that I wanna hear from.

It's a lil rude to just delete and ignore them. But I guess that's the best solution. ;) Why have someone you dislike in ur contacts anyway?

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