Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of Maulidur Rasul, and family?

Hey again, my lappy had been yet again REFORMATTED last couple of days, so I didn't get the chance to rant about my brother's homecoming. -,-

But, first of all

Happy birthday, in this case a belated one to our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. :) Semoga sejahtera ke atas Rasulullah dan ahli keluarga baginda. Amiin.

Now this is a different story. So, it was Maulidur Rasul yesterday and my eldest brother came home for a vacation. I mean, with his friends. My lil bastards wasn't looking forward to meeting him. And as every one of my closest friends should know, I'm not close to my eldest brother, so I'm not looking forward to meeting him either. All we were looking forward for is some nice family time.

That didn't happen. My poor lil bastards(I call my lil brother lil bastards, but I still love them very much) weren't happy at all when he's home. He was scolding the boys in front of his friends, embarrassing them. And I don't like it. It breaks my heart when my favorite lil bastards were crying and so terrified of their eldest brother. Shafiq even catch a fever today because he was terrified of being scolded.

Come on, I thought being the eldest brother, he might have some sense to hold our family together. But how can he do that if my lil bastards hate him? It saddens me when Shamil said,"Abang tu asyik marah2 je. Tak boleh ke kalo dia tak marah2 kitorang satu hari?" He said that while sobbing. Poor lil kids, getting scolded at so many times yesterday. My eldest brother might not understand, but these kids grow up lacking a father figure. They are so delicate, so soft, even if they're naughty on the outside. I love them so very much regardless of their behavior and I know that he loves them too, but making them scared like that is not a way to show it, especially when you're away for so long.


My poor lil bastards, I hope they don't take everything that my eldest brother said to heart. Coz they were really hurt last night. I hope you'll get better soon Shafiq, and not get sick again. Shamil too, I love you both.

p/s: Zana sayang, Happy 20th birthday bff! Have a great time today, and tell me about it! Lots of love from your friend of 12 years, and more years to come. ;D

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