Monday, February 21, 2011

Today is the day

Yeah, today is THE DAY I met the dentist. My God, I woke up so early in the morning! Imagine, 6.30am, how eager to get to the dentist so that my teeth can be fixed.

Then, guess what? The dentist checked my teeth and said that there were nothing wrong with them. Then why the hell is it so painful?? She told me to come again another day if it still hurts. They'll have to take X-Ray photos and stuff. I thought they'd give me painkillers or something. They just gave me Paracetamol. -,-' How does Paracetamol work its magic to cure toothache?? That, I don't know. Ouh, and my teeth is still hurting. :(

So, the rest of the day went by rather quick. I watched Seukki again, and this time fell in love with Jeremy. :)

News: I'll be back in Subang on 26th February. Phew, class starts on 28th. So soon! I'm hoping for the best this sem though. Insyaallah. :D

That's it.

Final note: Thank you for being born.

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