Sunday, February 13, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

Located in Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa island Singapore, this theme park simply blows my mind. Let me take you guys on a tour with me and the girls in USS.

So, let's see. In this trip, five of us (Diana, Merah, Miza, Aisyah and myself) left JB at around 7 and reached Sentosa island at 9am. We entered USS at 10.30am, and so began our journey! ;)

First stop, Hollywood.
This set was quite small, compared to the others as it's near the entrance. My pictures here are also limited you see. hehehe.

Hollywood boulevard.

One of the shops.

And yet another.

Hollywood doesn't have any rides. So we move to Madagascar. There's only a kids ride there, but we still rode it anyway. who cares, we wanna have fun! And IT WAS FUN. :D

Its a merry go round with characters from Madagascar, cute!

Tourists, and the need to take pictures. :P

A Crate's Adventure, a ride which's not open yet at that time.

Us againnn. hehehehe

I was so excited to go to the next set as it features a castle! In Far Far Away land, to be exact.

THE castle. SO SO SOOO biggggg!

Enchanted airways is actually a mini rollercoaster ride, which is unexpectedly scary. It looks so harmless, but then.... well, you know what I mean.

Shrek 4D adventure was so so. I love the seat as it moves and gives effect as if I was in the movie. But the effects were kinda expected. Heee.

Shrek's walk of fame? Yeah? No?

MY fairy godmother. I need new shoes, please?? (^_^)

Moving from Far Far Away, I was brought back to reality, in The Lost World.

This Canopy Flyer ride was awesome coz it left your feet suspended on air as it pulls you through the magnificent scenery of Jurassic park. Plus, its indeed one of my favorite rides. ;)

There was a boat ride in Jurassic that left us all soaked in water, we rode that twice, it was so fun! hahaha, but then we have to change clothes and dry ourselves of course. and we smelled like lake water? ewww.

Other than that, I get to fly my own dinosaur in Jurassic as well! It was kids ride, but still...
Okay. Up next, we went to Ancient Egypt!

Look at how scared we were? The pharaoh was so fierce we were so afraid to take a picture with him. But look at those abs! Smexy! ;P
My favourite ride of all, is the Revenge of the Mummy! It is an indoor rollercoaster that moves forward, backward and sideways. To top it off, I love the special effects that makes me feel like I was being burnt. Yeahhhh, scary. But also A LOT OF FUN. Although first time riding it, my knees were shaking, it was all worth it when I rode it the second time! :D

The road to Egypt, it was super hot! And we were all burning, almost literally. hahaha.

The guards at the entrance. So huge, so scary! I almost refused to ride the ride because I was afraid when I learnt that the coaster is going in all directions. Silly me. -,-'

After Ancient Egypt, comes the dreaded part of my day that day. It was a roller coaster in Sci-Fi City. Meet the Battlestar Galactica.

Standing at 14 storey tall. Wait, not scary enough?

Look closer. Still don't get the picture?

Okay? Get the picture now? There's two tracks which places two roller coaster for this ride. The Red track for HUMAN and the Blue track for CYCLONE. Only Diana, Merah and Aisyah dared rode the less scary, HUMAN ride while Miza and myself had cold feet. :) Even the less scary HUMAN ride is actually VERY SCARY. It travels at a speed of 90kmph and had only one bar that holds your legs so you feel like you're literally flying. WTF so scaryyyy. I'm lucky I didn't ride it. Hee. The cyclone ride on the other hand is wayyy moreeeee crazyyyy. It is fast, it rolls you 360 degrees on air and it is SUSPENDED! No thank you, I am very much in love with my life and dare not lose it. ;)

The ladies from outer space I bet. LOL. look at how short we are compared to them. :(

Last stop, New York!

This set is based on the real New York city during the post modernisation era. So we went a lil crazy taking picturesss. :))

In front of the theather. There's an interesting spot here with a setting where it demonstrates the special effects for a hurricane, which is hitting New York City. There's explosion, fire and what not. I discover that its amazing what the crews have to prepare for film making!

The street in New York. I was worn out at this time, after lots of walking and riding and screaming. hehehe.


We finally went back to JB at 7.30pm. It was a memorable trip with close friends, but we were wishing that Mimi was there the whole time. I know she would make me ride CYCLONE with her and I would've ride it if she was there! That's the crazy thing about my best friend. :) Next time we'll go again okay Mi?

More pictures are on facebook. Help yourself to it, alright?
Finally, Happy Vday everyone! I'm spending it with Seukki tonight. :D How about you?


Mimi Mohamed said...

okay babe.i'll go with you,someday :)

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i love youuu! ;)