Monday, March 28, 2011

Cloud nine, bestest bed.

Greetings, Earthlings! This must've been old news, but I just wanna tell you guys that I've got my new bed already yesterday! Hahaha, and I slept like a baby last night. ;)

My bed looks something like this, with extra mattress, and its awesomeee! All of this is thanks to,

this wonderful two people! Thanks so much bff and thanks Meon tolong angkat katil. :D
Many thanks also to Leen Tamina, budak rumah atas aka Diana Zainal and Merah. Heee. Kesian penat angkat katil and tilam semalam. Hahaha, sayang manyak manyak!

Okay, moving on.

Today, all of us headed to Secret Recipe, Sunway with one goal in mind; celebrating our very own Cek Mek Molek's birthday.
Happy 20th birthday Ayu!

THE birthday girl, and Cik Abang Farid. :P

Half of us, Diana Zainal, Leen Tamina Albrinz Juki, myself, and tangan Mimi busuk. :D

The highlight of the day. Si malu, dan si malu malu.
Mi and got Ayu a new slingbag, we hope she like it! :)

Final note: sorry for the incomplete pictures, my phone battery went dead. So, all the pictures are credited to Diana Zainal.

Okay bye, nak buat kerja.

Ehh, kejap. Terlupa, tomorrow, no more Abg K. So sad!!!! :((
Hi Datuk N. -,-

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye my lover

So, good news. I've finished my essay, and am living happily ever after until tomorrow at least. :) I don't mind the lab reports, I just hated essay. Though there's a few more essays coming along this sem, well, let's not think about that this moment. Live the moment. Live the moment. Live the moment.

Okay, back to the point. I am actually delivering bad news. Not to you guys. But more to myself, and the girls in BTH1802. I'm sure everyone heard what my Abg K, my Dr. K............. Okay,
I mean, our Dr. K said this morning. Its his last class tomorrow! T_T

Therefore, I shall treasure my valuable one hour tomorrow. I shall stare more at him coz I won't be seeing him as much after this.

Opps. I mean, we all shall treasure the valuable one hour tomorrow. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Say all the Positive things, be Oprah

When will I have free time to go browse the web and watch movies?? God. Looks like that time is ages away from me.

Sorry if I bore you readers with my neverending whining regarding workloads, yada, yada. -,-

Like I said, leave if you dont feel like reading. Fine for me. Okay, moving on.

This week, less daily dosage of my stars, and more daily dosage of scientific words for myself. Biotech essay due Thursday, a heck of a long Bio report due the day after tomorrow. Another lab report for Food Science due Friday. Am trying to keep myself calm, and not do things in a rush. I hope everyone gets to finish this week's task on time.

Let's go guys! We shall back each other up. And I really mean that. :) Sharing of important reminders and information are strongly encouraged!

Thank you very much.
Much love, xx

The whole point of this post is

New specs finally arrived! Thanks, brother. Sorry for declining the supper offer, but I have tons of work to do. :(

Anyway, new specs has bigger frames. Equals to, making my face look bigger. And, my power seems to have risen to 600 and 500 on the other side. Pretty impressive huh? Almost blind, impressive. :( I really should go do laser or something. Yeah? 5K, phewww. Will take me ages to get that much since I'm not unemployed currently.

Ouh, I should get new lens first. Have to match it with my specs power! Okay bye. Gotta go back to being slave to lab reports. Damn, I'm tiredddd.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

All this time

Hey everyone, Miss B here.

I am currently in a very lost state of mind. Maybe its overworking and I simply can't think any longer. Wait, does that even make sense?? Well, I've been looking for a biotech product to write 0n for my 500 words essay. I can't seem to find anything to write on. Ridiculous, I know. I could've simply google it and all, but....... My head seems to be processing a lot slower.

Am I on drugs?

I doubt that. No one seems to be putting anything in my drinks at home.

Or perhaps, am I drunk??

That can't be too. I don't drink. -,-'

So. I'm on to the only conclusion available. I'M HUNGRY. LIKE SUPER HUNGRY! :( A healthy dose of food shall fix this. I mean, really healthy food like rice etc.

I want this. :( Looks good to the hungry stomach of mine. Laparrrr!

That's the downside of living in my place. No good place to eat. It's not like I don't eat at home, but its just bread, crackers, instant this, instant that. And its not like we don't cook either, but its not as good as the food that I'm craving for now. You get what I mean?

So, this pic is completely unrelated. But now, do you get what I mean by being so lost?
My pictures even doesn't seem to make sense to me. LOL.

Friday, March 18, 2011


The state at which I feel like doing this. But no can do. -,- Tons of things to do. Yeah, like really. TONS. Its THE season to work late at night. And I'm planning to go all out. My midnight oil is running low, how to burn some more? -,-

So, you got what it takes to beat me? ;P Lol. Lawan sape tido paling sikit. Haha. Dah, aku merapu. Dah, Dah.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am yet, crazy. Soon though.

Daily dose of T.O.P keeps me sane. Facing the lappy constantly typing and thinking and typing and more thinking drives me mad! Luckily my Youtube works fine now and I'm super happy taking breaks here and there watching my TOP.

Okay, maybe TOO much breaks. Anyways, I get to concentrate better after those breaks. :)

Or, maybe not. Hahaha.

There'll be another lab session tomorrow, and another lab report to add to the pile of work already there. Ughhh. I guess I'm lucky that I'm not working this sem, and I'm planning on not to. If the beginning of sem is already THIS busy, I can't imagine the rest of the way. -,-

Gotta always remind myself that, my goal comes first. Score well, score well. So, eventhough I absolutely love earning money, I'd much prefer keeping my scholarship. :)

Enough of the nerdy stuff. I dont wanna become a geek like my lab partner, Mac. ;)

This is one of my fave videos these days. I love the story line and song. Go to Youtube for part2.
And no. This is not Big Bang or my TOP or my Seukki. hehe.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Magic Cream

First of all, this post is not only intended for ladies, bur recommended for guys as well. Hee, I promised in the previous post to talk about my beauty cream right? So here goes.

I've been planning to write a post on BB cream since ages ago, and can't seem to find the right time for it. There's so much to tell, that a product review suddenly becomes unnecessary. -,-

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of beauty fans out there are familiar with BB cream right? Although it only hit Malaysian stores one year, maybe two years ago, BB cream has become an essential for women of the on-the-go lifestyle. Why? Because of its multifunctionness! BB is an abbreviation for Blemish Balsam, and made famous by Koreans. Initially BB cream is used to cover scars after plastic surgery and enhance skin appearance.

So, Koreans whom are very into plastic surgery began discovering this BB cream and its effectiveness, thus a whole industry based on this cream was developed.

Enough of history. I myself am very satisfied with the BB cream that I'm currently using.

From Sunplay, by Mentholatum*the Lip Ice brand

There are two options from this brand, for oily skin or dry skin. Sadly, there's only one shade available. But, not to worry for those of you with darker skin tone. This cream blends well, and won't leave your skin looking cakey. I tried it on my lil sister, *she has darker skin tone* and she looks perfectly fine. I dont know why, but it seems like the cream adapted to her skin tone? Haha.

I chose Sunplay because its famous for its sun protecting products. And everybody knows that I'm not a big fan of sunny days. So, the higher the SPF, the more I'm in love with the product. :)

Compared to using Lorea'l, Sunplay's BB cream is not oily and it corrects blemishes and improves my skin complexion. Another plus point for me. And by using this, I save a lot of step in my skin care regime. Now I only use facial cleanser and BB cream. There's no need for moisturiser or even concealer. Awesome right? And wearing this under my make up gives me that porcelain looking skin. I simply love it. :D

Conclusion is, guys better wear this too! Its natural looking, and Korean guys wear it. That's why they're so yummy looking. Lol. As for girls, I'm not too worried. I'm sure you have something similar. :)

Get it at your nearest Guardian or Watsons for Rm50. :) Happy trying!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Man U achieve its glory...

Okay, bawak bertendang. This post is not about any football match of whatever sort. Hee.

I just got back from lepaking with Apek. :) Its been awhile, and damn I miss my best friend! Had a great time watching tonight's match while criticizing Sayid coz Arsenal lost. Lol. He was funny, and so does his friend Syamin. And we all played foosball after that. Tag team version.

My team end up losing though. As predicted maybe. My hand coordination is all over the place like usual. :) hehe.

Thank you for visiting, Pekpokpekk. Shall see you soon, next month maybe?

Okayy, time to go to sleep! Niteee. :)

Final note: Ouh shit my hair smells of cigarette smoke! That's why sometimes I hate AC. -,-
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Pile it all up

Kesian kan tengok gamba? Credits to Diana for the tiredness captured. These days, its LABOR WORK I tell you. Lab reports, essays, quizzes, I don't even know where to begin. So far, I've been okay dividing time between work and play. I hope it'll continue to work until end of this sem. -,- Tiring, sure. I hope it'll all be worth it. :)

Heee, and its Monday already tomorrow. Lab session early in the morning will kick off my day, and another lab report to add to the already big pile of work on my hands. I better finish off food science report ASAP! But till then, I feel like writing and sharing, anddddd

I found these in my album. Hahahaha, pictures from MUFY first sem.

Mimi never let Leen and I upload this photo coz she said she looks like... B**g*a
Mi jangan marah ehh, terjumpa je gamba ni. :) Nvm, there's a magical thing for you.

Tada! A brighter version of the same picture. hehehehe. One from Mi's camera, and one was from my baby Sony.

Aww, we all look so young! A lil different now that we're almost 20. -.-
Dahh, malas nak sedih dah tua. :( off to mastering bio website now. Next post I'll tell you about my beauty cream shall I?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Masa untuk tidur, LAGI

Okay, forgive the bibik's picture. That was last week otw to go swimming. Haha.

I had slept for five hours this afternoon for I don't know what reason, tired I suppose, and am going back to sleep now since I have tutorial early in the morning! Speaking of which I haven't print the questions for it yet. :(which leads to the major subject. Ink for my printer. -,- I want my printer's ink!!! Its so hard living without it.huu.

Moving on, tomorrow is SWIMMING DAY! The highlight of my day, I'm sure of it. Am looking forward to burning fats, and more fats. :D

Lastly, thanks for giving me my rent money brother. Really appreciate it. Now please hurry and find my ink, will ya? :) thank you.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Should've told ya

Don't fall for me coz I have no intention to fall for you. I don't wanna feel guilty if you ever do.
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At the end of the day

I'm pulling my hair out. See the new layout? Heck, I spent 2 hours or so just editing the codes. Damn, I wonder if the CSS code writers have squint eyes? I'm about to have it, I think.

And after being almost satisfied with the layout, there's a lab report waiting to be finished, an essay to write, and a quiz to be answered.

Okay, am postponing a few of those stuffs to tomorrow. I look like that girl now. Am scared of myself. Byebyebye, am hitting the sack right at this moment. *huge yawnn*

Ouh, and I'm looking forward for tomorrow morning's lecture. As usual, because of Dr. K. ;)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Frustrated, this is indeed a worldly matter.

Am I the only one who thinks that Youtube is going crazy?? :(

If I go on Youtube and watch the videos on that site, the videos will be GREY IN COLOR. I kid you not, my friend, its GREY. I can barely make out any shape or whatsoever from the videos.

However, the videos from Youtube displayed on other sites, like Facebook, or blogs are working perfectly fine. What the hell?!

The situation's still the same if I use another browser.

It seems like everybody else didn't seem to have any problem with Youtube. So why is it just me??

Huuu. I need my Youtube to function normally, pretty please? Let me know if you have any idea how to fix this. Thank you very much.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Wanna be on T.O.P? Ouh yeahhh!

This is so yesterdayyyy,so everybody knows that I've got my table already!! Thanks to my beloved pak cik for all the trouble caused. I am grateful, though. :)

First lab session starts today. It was hectic and tiring! Report due next week. -,-' haishhh. Its gonna be much more busy starting from this week. Everything practically starts, and no more goofing around. Back to serious business.

Hee. Okay, I lied. :) There's got to be recreational stuffs right? Or else I'm gonna go bananas!

Therefore, my recent obsession is..................... BIGBANG! I know they've been in the industry for ages, but seriously they've gotten so sexyyyyy! Google them if you don't know them. You might as well live in a cave if you do that. ;P

Anyway, I am especially attracted to T.O.P! His deep voice, his hair, eyes, everything! :D Please don't be mad, Seukki. I think you've just found your competitor! hahaha.

He looks so good I wanna eat him. LOL.

He's also one of the few Asians who looks good with blonde hair. That's including G-na, G-dragon and Hong Ki. Even Seukki can't pull off that hair color!

Ayeeeee. That's my man! :) He sang good songs, he's funny, and he's an actor. What's not to love?

Hahahaha, Draco Malfoy's brother? I don't think so. He looks wayyyy better.

BIGBANG makes a lot of dramas parody and its on Youtube. Watch them, and see if it made your day just like it did mine. AWESOME.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Empat kaki, satu badan.

So I need to do my work, which are tons. I need to go online to search for materials, yada yada. And my cable is lousy, and I have to hold my laptop while I'm online. Imagine how tiring is that. Not to mention how frustrating. I really really need my table now, its driving me crazy!! Another day of this, I might go bald pulling my hair out. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I thought my brother's gonna get it to me by today, and I was really counting on it. I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important. Clearly I chose the wrong person to count on.FML.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Little Miss Hyppo

Once upon a time, there lived a cute, fat hippo named Miss Hippo. She loves spending time eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping again. So she lives happily ever after. Heh?

Okay, lets skip the nonsense yapping.

Yesterday was a great day because finally Mimi and I got to go for a swim! We've been planning on it since God knows when, so it was a blissful thing to finally getting to do so. We went with Diana and Merah and Nur at Nur's sister's place. Thankyouveryverymuch Nur for making our dream of working out as much as we can, come true! :)

See, that was yesterday. Today, I didn't do anything much. No class, equals to me waking up at 12 after a long marathon of Gossip Girl the night before. Mi left for work at almost 2pm and I'm practically alone at home. I was so boredddd, but I did get to finish reading Dear John. As expected of Nicholas Sparks's novel, I cried while reading it. :(

Anywaysssss, I shall move on to catch up on watching Supernatural after this. I kinda miss Sam and Dean! :) Hee

But before that, take a look at this video I found on facebook of a friend. Makes me wanna have a magician boyfriend all of a sudden. :D

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Am worried

Mi's so sadddd. I am officially worried. Please be okay, bestfriend. I'm here if u need me. :)
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Because you're worth it

Its finally third of March, and I'd like to wishhhhhh

Ai Lap Euwwww Mommaaaaaaa! hahaha:) I wanted to put more recent photos with her, but then I realized that lately I haven't got much photos of her. I shall take more photos of her next time! But till then, let's go back in time shall we?

When I was seventeen, and mom wassss, 48? hee.

:) I've been thinking of getting her a watch for her birthday. And last couple of weeks Toncet and I went to Swatch to look at some watches. Hee, Toncet, Sharina and I are sharing, and our budget were tight which was less than Rm300 but we managed to find a few nice onesss.

The one in the boutique I saw has white loves, not red, and is much prettier. :)

And I like this one too!

Since I'm not gonna be home till maybe the end of this month, I figured that we'll buy her the watch at the end of the month. Plus it gives us enough time to save money for her present! :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

SINCEREST Apology Acceptance on Earth

This post is especially for

Mimi Mohamed. :D Please ignore my young face,big arms,and golf ball eyes. I miss my youth. ;(

Since your blog has problem with its comment section, I'll just post it here.*please fix ur comment box, thankyouverymuch. Anyway, just wanna say

Hahaha, I wasn't mad yesterday. But you drive me crazyyyyyy! And its super funny! But if you do it again Mi,

This will happen to you. ;)
Lots of love, your bestfriend.

Final note: Don't try this at home. :D


I'm so lazyyyyy. Gosh, smack me please? I need my mini table and printer ink to function properly.*I mean, study properly. Dear brother, find for me my mini table and printer ink please? Ur lil sister is back in town, help her a lil will ya?
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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hello tuesday!

Well, today's the second day of classes and I kinda get the hang of it now, compared to yesterday. :D Everyone looked good after the long holidays, even the lecturers looked amazing. Or, is it just me who thinks that way? Whatever. Dr. Kumaran is as suave as ever, and I'm hanging over to every single word he said in class!

How's that for a good student? ;)

These couple of days I cannot go online since the Wifi's been giving shit to my lappy, and my lappy only. I guess I have to rely more on the internet cable from now on. -,-

Moving on. My mom's birthday is coming in a couple of days. Can't wait! I posted a card for her just now, so I hope that it reaches her on her birthday. :) Aww, I miss my lil bastards so much! I wonder what they're doing now. Maybe I should give them a call on Thursday.

Final note : I'm reading Nicholas Sparks' Dear John now. xx.
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