Saturday, March 19, 2011

All this time

Hey everyone, Miss B here.

I am currently in a very lost state of mind. Maybe its overworking and I simply can't think any longer. Wait, does that even make sense?? Well, I've been looking for a biotech product to write 0n for my 500 words essay. I can't seem to find anything to write on. Ridiculous, I know. I could've simply google it and all, but....... My head seems to be processing a lot slower.

Am I on drugs?

I doubt that. No one seems to be putting anything in my drinks at home.

Or perhaps, am I drunk??

That can't be too. I don't drink. -,-'

So. I'm on to the only conclusion available. I'M HUNGRY. LIKE SUPER HUNGRY! :( A healthy dose of food shall fix this. I mean, really healthy food like rice etc.

I want this. :( Looks good to the hungry stomach of mine. Laparrrr!

That's the downside of living in my place. No good place to eat. It's not like I don't eat at home, but its just bread, crackers, instant this, instant that. And its not like we don't cook either, but its not as good as the food that I'm craving for now. You get what I mean?

So, this pic is completely unrelated. But now, do you get what I mean by being so lost?
My pictures even doesn't seem to make sense to me. LOL.

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