Thursday, March 03, 2011

Because you're worth it

Its finally third of March, and I'd like to wishhhhhh

Ai Lap Euwwww Mommaaaaaaa! hahaha:) I wanted to put more recent photos with her, but then I realized that lately I haven't got much photos of her. I shall take more photos of her next time! But till then, let's go back in time shall we?

When I was seventeen, and mom wassss, 48? hee.

:) I've been thinking of getting her a watch for her birthday. And last couple of weeks Toncet and I went to Swatch to look at some watches. Hee, Toncet, Sharina and I are sharing, and our budget were tight which was less than Rm300 but we managed to find a few nice onesss.

The one in the boutique I saw has white loves, not red, and is much prettier. :)

And I like this one too!

Since I'm not gonna be home till maybe the end of this month, I figured that we'll buy her the watch at the end of the month. Plus it gives us enough time to save money for her present! :)

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