Monday, March 28, 2011

Cloud nine, bestest bed.

Greetings, Earthlings! This must've been old news, but I just wanna tell you guys that I've got my new bed already yesterday! Hahaha, and I slept like a baby last night. ;)

My bed looks something like this, with extra mattress, and its awesomeee! All of this is thanks to,

this wonderful two people! Thanks so much bff and thanks Meon tolong angkat katil. :D
Many thanks also to Leen Tamina, budak rumah atas aka Diana Zainal and Merah. Heee. Kesian penat angkat katil and tilam semalam. Hahaha, sayang manyak manyak!

Okay, moving on.

Today, all of us headed to Secret Recipe, Sunway with one goal in mind; celebrating our very own Cek Mek Molek's birthday.
Happy 20th birthday Ayu!

THE birthday girl, and Cik Abang Farid. :P

Half of us, Diana Zainal, Leen Tamina Albrinz Juki, myself, and tangan Mimi busuk. :D

The highlight of the day. Si malu, dan si malu malu.
Mi and got Ayu a new slingbag, we hope she like it! :)

Final note: sorry for the incomplete pictures, my phone battery went dead. So, all the pictures are credited to Diana Zainal.

Okay bye, nak buat kerja.

Ehh, kejap. Terlupa, tomorrow, no more Abg K. So sad!!!! :((
Hi Datuk N. -,-

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