Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hello tuesday!

Well, today's the second day of classes and I kinda get the hang of it now, compared to yesterday. :D Everyone looked good after the long holidays, even the lecturers looked amazing. Or, is it just me who thinks that way? Whatever. Dr. Kumaran is as suave as ever, and I'm hanging over to every single word he said in class!

How's that for a good student? ;)

These couple of days I cannot go online since the Wifi's been giving shit to my lappy, and my lappy only. I guess I have to rely more on the internet cable from now on. -,-

Moving on. My mom's birthday is coming in a couple of days. Can't wait! I posted a card for her just now, so I hope that it reaches her on her birthday. :) Aww, I miss my lil bastards so much! I wonder what they're doing now. Maybe I should give them a call on Thursday.

Final note : I'm reading Nicholas Sparks' Dear John now. xx.
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