Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am yet, crazy. Soon though.

Daily dose of T.O.P keeps me sane. Facing the lappy constantly typing and thinking and typing and more thinking drives me mad! Luckily my Youtube works fine now and I'm super happy taking breaks here and there watching my TOP.

Okay, maybe TOO much breaks. Anyways, I get to concentrate better after those breaks. :)

Or, maybe not. Hahaha.

There'll be another lab session tomorrow, and another lab report to add to the pile of work already there. Ughhh. I guess I'm lucky that I'm not working this sem, and I'm planning on not to. If the beginning of sem is already THIS busy, I can't imagine the rest of the way. -,-

Gotta always remind myself that, my goal comes first. Score well, score well. So, eventhough I absolutely love earning money, I'd much prefer keeping my scholarship. :)

Enough of the nerdy stuff. I dont wanna become a geek like my lab partner, Mac. ;)

This is one of my fave videos these days. I love the story line and song. Go to Youtube for part2.
And no. This is not Big Bang or my TOP or my Seukki. hehe.

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