Friday, March 04, 2011

Little Miss Hyppo

Once upon a time, there lived a cute, fat hippo named Miss Hippo. She loves spending time eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping again. So she lives happily ever after. Heh?

Okay, lets skip the nonsense yapping.

Yesterday was a great day because finally Mimi and I got to go for a swim! We've been planning on it since God knows when, so it was a blissful thing to finally getting to do so. We went with Diana and Merah and Nur at Nur's sister's place. Thankyouveryverymuch Nur for making our dream of working out as much as we can, come true! :)

See, that was yesterday. Today, I didn't do anything much. No class, equals to me waking up at 12 after a long marathon of Gossip Girl the night before. Mi left for work at almost 2pm and I'm practically alone at home. I was so boredddd, but I did get to finish reading Dear John. As expected of Nicholas Sparks's novel, I cried while reading it. :(

Anywaysssss, I shall move on to catch up on watching Supernatural after this. I kinda miss Sam and Dean! :) Hee

But before that, take a look at this video I found on facebook of a friend. Makes me wanna have a magician boyfriend all of a sudden. :D

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