Thursday, March 10, 2011

Masa untuk tidur, LAGI

Okay, forgive the bibik's picture. That was last week otw to go swimming. Haha.

I had slept for five hours this afternoon for I don't know what reason, tired I suppose, and am going back to sleep now since I have tutorial early in the morning! Speaking of which I haven't print the questions for it yet. :(which leads to the major subject. Ink for my printer. -,- I want my printer's ink!!! Its so hard living without it.huu.

Moving on, tomorrow is SWIMMING DAY! The highlight of my day, I'm sure of it. Am looking forward to burning fats, and more fats. :D

Lastly, thanks for giving me my rent money brother. Really appreciate it. Now please hurry and find my ink, will ya? :) thank you.
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