Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pile it all up

Kesian kan tengok gamba? Credits to Diana for the tiredness captured. These days, its LABOR WORK I tell you. Lab reports, essays, quizzes, I don't even know where to begin. So far, I've been okay dividing time between work and play. I hope it'll continue to work until end of this sem. -,- Tiring, sure. I hope it'll all be worth it. :)

Heee, and its Monday already tomorrow. Lab session early in the morning will kick off my day, and another lab report to add to the already big pile of work on my hands. I better finish off food science report ASAP! But till then, I feel like writing and sharing, anddddd

I found these in my album. Hahahaha, pictures from MUFY first sem.

Mimi never let Leen and I upload this photo coz she said she looks like... B**g*a
Mi jangan marah ehh, terjumpa je gamba ni. :) Nvm, there's a magical thing for you.

Tada! A brighter version of the same picture. hehehehe. One from Mi's camera, and one was from my baby Sony.

Aww, we all look so young! A lil different now that we're almost 20. -.-
Dahh, malas nak sedih dah tua. :( off to mastering bio website now. Next post I'll tell you about my beauty cream shall I?

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