Monday, March 21, 2011

Say all the Positive things, be Oprah

When will I have free time to go browse the web and watch movies?? God. Looks like that time is ages away from me.

Sorry if I bore you readers with my neverending whining regarding workloads, yada, yada. -,-

Like I said, leave if you dont feel like reading. Fine for me. Okay, moving on.

This week, less daily dosage of my stars, and more daily dosage of scientific words for myself. Biotech essay due Thursday, a heck of a long Bio report due the day after tomorrow. Another lab report for Food Science due Friday. Am trying to keep myself calm, and not do things in a rush. I hope everyone gets to finish this week's task on time.

Let's go guys! We shall back each other up. And I really mean that. :) Sharing of important reminders and information are strongly encouraged!

Thank you very much.
Much love, xx

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