Monday, March 07, 2011

Wanna be on T.O.P? Ouh yeahhh!

This is so yesterdayyyy,so everybody knows that I've got my table already!! Thanks to my beloved pak cik for all the trouble caused. I am grateful, though. :)

First lab session starts today. It was hectic and tiring! Report due next week. -,-' haishhh. Its gonna be much more busy starting from this week. Everything practically starts, and no more goofing around. Back to serious business.

Hee. Okay, I lied. :) There's got to be recreational stuffs right? Or else I'm gonna go bananas!

Therefore, my recent obsession is..................... BIGBANG! I know they've been in the industry for ages, but seriously they've gotten so sexyyyyy! Google them if you don't know them. You might as well live in a cave if you do that. ;P

Anyway, I am especially attracted to T.O.P! His deep voice, his hair, eyes, everything! :D Please don't be mad, Seukki. I think you've just found your competitor! hahaha.

He looks so good I wanna eat him. LOL.

He's also one of the few Asians who looks good with blonde hair. That's including G-na, G-dragon and Hong Ki. Even Seukki can't pull off that hair color!

Ayeeeee. That's my man! :) He sang good songs, he's funny, and he's an actor. What's not to love?

Hahahaha, Draco Malfoy's brother? I don't think so. He looks wayyyy better.

BIGBANG makes a lot of dramas parody and its on Youtube. Watch them, and see if it made your day just like it did mine. AWESOME.

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