Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Man U achieve its glory...

Okay, bawak bertendang. This post is not about any football match of whatever sort. Hee.

I just got back from lepaking with Apek. :) Its been awhile, and damn I miss my best friend! Had a great time watching tonight's match while criticizing Sayid coz Arsenal lost. Lol. He was funny, and so does his friend Syamin. And we all played foosball after that. Tag team version.

My team end up losing though. As predicted maybe. My hand coordination is all over the place like usual. :) hehe.

Thank you for visiting, Pekpokpekk. Shall see you soon, next month maybe?

Okayy, time to go to sleep! Niteee. :)

Final note: Ouh shit my hair smells of cigarette smoke! That's why sometimes I hate AC. -,-
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