Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My First Love

There is only one person whom I have been in love with since I was 14, maybe? He's always been there for me, and we grow more mature with each other. Its been, what? Six years? He was 17 when I was 14, and now he's 23 and I'm 20. Wow, time does fly.

You make me proud back then, and even now, you never let me down. :)

My one and only, Shim Changmin.

Cute eh? He's multitalented, a very popular singer along with TVXQ, and now a very good actor! :)

I just finished watching Paradise Ranch, and its even better than Seukki's You're beautiful! It makes me laugh and cry at the same time, and Changmin is just super sweet in this one! I am extremely envious of his co-star whom got to play his wife. =_='

Anyway, its a must watch! Makes you understand why first love will always be stronger than the next. :)

Same goes for me and Changmin. Although I have my Seukki, T.O.P, Dr K, etc, I'll always love you no matter what Changmin! You'll always be my first love, and I really hope you'll do more acting, coz baby, damn you're good!

And here's a song that he composed and sing. It tears me up, just listening to it. Aww.

xx. Ouh, and a special kiss for you, love! muahhhh!

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