Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of blonde jokes and bimbotic behavior

You know about the incident of my fruit puff,that's old story.

No clue?

Err, the part where I ate it, and there's no cream inside?? Get the idea? I was cheated. Daymmmmmnnnn. See how important the search for cream puff is to me now? T_T

I'm devastated. Hahahaha, anyway. That's not what this post is all about. You don't expect me to rant about cream puffs my whole life, do you??

This is regarding a few misunderstandings which needed to be cleared.

First of all, people don't just call you names without a reason. Go look for the fault in yourself. Heck, I'm not saying that I'm lil Miss PERFECT.I know I have crowds that's not very fond of me, and I can understand why. Not everyone shares the same views and opinions. And well, because I annoy people. That's who I am. And I also know that I'm a very nice person, so I don't care about what others think of me most of the time. Because I know who I am.

Well, I'm here today not to talk about me, but to talk about you. Don't go exploding and don't be surprised to find that half the population you mingle with dislike you. And no, we don't hate you for the way you dress, who cares about how you wear things? You can be naked, and we'll still dislike you. We are just not fond of the way you behave, and the way you treat others. The root is you, and everything else you do is then amplified. LIKE UNDER A MAGNIFYING GLASS. Fine, you can say that's who you are.

So we'll say we dislike you for being who you are. Its not the little things, since most of us are very tolerant to the worse kind of behavior. And I wonder how you beat the worse, to become the worst.I kid you not when I say that most of us are very tolerant people. REALLY.

Yeah, they say that its not good to hate someone. And who the hell says we hate you? We just really really really dislike you. Maybe one day if you decide that you wanna treat others better and behave nicer, by then we won't dislike you as much. Trust me, we won't bother saying things.

Till then, just put up with it. Its not about us, its not about your wardrobe, not about your boyfriend, its about you.

Quick word of advice, there's no point in bursting out mad. Look deep into yourself and have a moment to think. Relate. You should understand why then.

If you still can't relate, then don't bother. Maybe you are some EXTRATERRESTERIAL animal. Try listening to E.T. by Katy Perry to cheer yourself up. :)

Your favorite bitch,
xx. :D

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