Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tell the world I'm coming home. :)

Looky, looky! Cute, aint she?? Haha, the kid that my stepmum help babysit. Saw her just now while visiting my dad.*and tutoring him on email stuffs on his bb, and notebook* Funny when he's at a lost when it comes to technology. =,='

So, with that being said, I am safely in Melaka now, enjoying my 36 hour break from student life and relaxing a bit.

Have you missed me? I bet you have. These last few days was filled with meeting old friends and catching up! Awesome times, wonderful times indeed.

Like on Wednesday, I finally get to meet a close friend of mine, Engku Sofia. We've been in Monash for awhile but didn't get to hang until only on that day! Funny right? But we were both busy before that, and we barely bumped into each other at school. Poor us. Haha. Anyway, we had loadsa fun tht day although it was for a short period of time. :)

And today, I get to meet my bff Rakina. Its been awhile since we last met, so it feels good to finally see each other again! :) thanks for spending time with me and help me pick mum's and my new watch. Thanks for the bracelet too! :)

So many wonderful people in my live, and therefore I'm happy! :D I love you guys sangat sangat.

Final note: Am giving mum her birthday present tomorrow. Can't wait! I hope she loves it. xx.
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