Thursday, April 14, 2011

These are,crazy times

So, I'm just done with my Biotech quiz which was likeeeeeeee, well, fine. :) This week, weekends will be hell for me as there's two very very long essays to be submitted plusss two more lab reports. T_T And now I'm effing typing using Ipad, which sucks. BIG TIME. Urghhh, I guess
touch screen is not really my thing afterall.

News, anyone? I've been browsing blogs out of boredom, and I find that most of you guys are as busy as I am. *sighhh. Who said that Uni life was easy anyway? Hahaha. My midsem break is just around the corner, and I can't wait to go home!! Am looking forward to relaxing time, assignment free week. Therefore, I'd have to endure this hell week and next week as well.

Okay, updates on what I've been doing lately. Hee, first of all, I started watching IRIS again obviously because of T.O.P. Although I usually don't watch drama at rate this slow( few weeks just to finish 20 episodes is slow for me), but like I say, I have to adapt to the workload and stuff. So long as I get to watch the dramas, I am very well satisfied. :D

Ouh, and I just recently got myself and external hard disk! I'm stocking up on the movies and dramas for the coming one month break in June, I think. I wonder why can't I prepare stuffs for my assignments THAT much ahead of time. =_=' Okay, okayyyy, now that's a different story. Hee.

That's it for now, I have to go find a guy who's gonna buy cream puff for me everyday now. I have the obsession for that currently, this is due to studying food science and fantasizing about food at the same time. ;)


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