Monday, May 30, 2011

Sign of hardwork

See that? That is my bedroom wall. A reminder of me working my ass off for SPM, and even PMR five years ago. Where is that drive now?
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Let's hook up!

Noooo, I mean catch up. :D Well, I am currently in Melaka for a week or so preparing for finals. I know, the idea blows the minute I set foot in front of the doorsteps, coz I was having so much fun at home and all. But who cares? Its more family time anyway.

So, wht have u people been up to? IPTA students, congrats on ur VERY long break! As for Monashians like me, I'd say.... Break a leg! Have fun cracking ur brain this whole month. :)

Heyyy, on the bright side, the holidays are drawing near! I'm looking forward to that. Gotta motivate myself on a bigger picture here, since these days I am in a very lacking drive to study kinda mode. Do me a favor, okay guys? Do always TELL ME that you guys finished studying everythg! That way I won't wanna be left out, so I'll study more.hehe. :) Yeah, I'm insecure tht way.

Let's help each other yeah?Sorry for being such a bore with MIA-ness. Miraclely, my lappy can't be connected to the internet ever since I got here. A little mishaps and maybe a fortunate thg, I don't know.

Don't miss me too much, I'll be back soon! :)
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Wooden legs

Hello Earthlings! Sorry for the still ugly layout, haven't had enough strength to turn on the laptop. I've been wanting to tell you guys about our first ever futsal match, but was too tired yesterday.

The ugly picture is not some kinky stuff. They are my knees. Hehe. Both still hurting till now, I kid you not.

So the match yesterday, how was it? It was awesomeee! Me and my girls- Mimi, Merah, Diana and Mizah was doing not so bad for first timers. Although all of us agreed today that water sports suits us best, we will try harder next time. :D

And I personally dig water sports. Why? Well, the chances of being injured are minimum, I don't sweat and feel hot and MY MUSCLE DOESNT SCREAM "TAKE ME OFF!"

I think all of us will be suffering for a few days at least, for over straining our muscles. Funny how we all walk like crabs from and to lectures. Hahaha. It was all worth it, wasn't it? Let's endure together guys.

Ouh, btw. Group photos for our futsal team is not with me, so I'll upload next time! Gtg STUDY now. Byeeeeeee! :)
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

See, told ya today's gonna be different.

So I changed my layout, yet again. Was quite bored just now, and needed something to lift my mood up a lil. But I'm having trouble with the coding and stuff.

That's why my blog looked kindaaaa.... Well, kinda unfinished. I might leave it like this or edit it some other time. As for now, I'll let it be. =.=

Tomorrow me and my girls are participating in a futsal match. Pray that we'll win yeah? Though I highly doubt my football kicking skills are going to get us one point even. Hehe.

Goodnight, people! Early day tomorrow. xx.

What if

I totally can't sleep right now. And I can't possibly share why am I having a hard time now. I never thought I'd be frustrated or anything, but tonight I feel that way. Why is this happening to me? Can't stop myself from asking tht question over and over again. Okay, I gotta stop. I can't afford to feel this way, this is not right.

Good things don't happen to me usually. They just never happen. And I shall deal with that.

Tomorrow is a new day, I'll let it pass, and these feelings too. I'll let it pass.

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Long night

Just got back from hanging out with my favorite lil bros; Din and Pijat. Watched Pirates of Carribean, and it was boringggg. Very draggy. Had a good time catching up and all.

And yesterday, I finally got to meet my super busy bestfriend! How was the cupcakes Apek? Haha, he still ate it even when the bottom was wet. So sorry for tht, n thanks for putting up with my lousy cakes, I love you! :D Ouh and thanks for my fave choc, glad you didn't forget. Hehehe. We watched the Priest, and the movie was so so. I absolutely love the main guy though. So sexy! For a priest I mean. -,-'

Anyway, its gonna be a long night tonight. Am having trouble sleeping. Its almost 4am already. Huu

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Foreign food, abnormalities.

Am having diarrhea right now, I know I know, GROSS. Is it because of all the seafood I ate last night?? I highly doubt that. That was like 24 hours ago. I think I have low tolerance towards vinegar in high amount.

Yeah, super high amount. Thank you sister for deliberately putting so much vinegar and mayonnaise in the kimbap and sushi. Well, as the whole world know, mayonnaise contains vinegar, and vinegar contains... well, VINEGAR. Damn, tummy been hurting so bad! :((

Poor Shafiq also had stomach ache. Okay gtg rest. I'm super dehydrated.

P/s: heading back to Subang tomorrow night. See ya soon my love!

Final note: Met Noryang after about three years apart! Forgot to write about my reunion with Adeeb, Yang and the others, so busy these few days. Pictures are on fb, tq. Will update more later!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ever been burnt alive?

The Ah Sos picture, and the orang minyak one. Hahahahaa.

Well, talking about being burnt, at least I've experienced it a few times now. At the hot spring! Our family have always loved soaking in the hot spring;claimed to be of lots of health benefits. What do you think?

I think its just so so. Maybe good for skin and blood circulation as my heart was pumping very hard just now while soaking. Phewww. The Ahmadsss are very heat tolerant I guess. We spent a couple of hours in Gadek before having a heavy supper and headed home.

Was a fun funny family night, especially the part where daddy throw us all in the hot pool. Haha. He looks like orang minyak in the dark, so funny! ^^

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Will be seeing the lil ones tomorrow. Can't wait! Till then, I have to go dissect a frog after this. Pray tht it won't bleed so much yeah? ^^
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To be prepared for the worst?

My KNG. Kacak right? Haha. He looks absolutely not star-like in terms of looks, but his acting, AWESOME. He makes me fall in love with a bad guy with a moustache. ^^

Not tht I'm saying I'm actually in love with a bad guy with a moustache. -,-' Its just the drama that I'm currently watching, Bad Guy. Its a lil out of the norm for me since its not actually romantic comedy, which I prefer more.

Anyways, its decided tht this will be the last drama I'm watching until at least the final's over. I'm glad tht I chose ths drama coz its amazing, and no doubt I'm satisfied so far. 3 more eps to go before finishing and am planning to get it over with tomorrow. :D

Ouh. And I'm going back to Melaka on Thursday. Can't wait! Too bad I'd have to ditch class on Monday though. I'll make up for it, okay? Promise. Hee.

Final note: sorry for the short hiatus. I was a lil out of myself lately. I even stopped facebooking. Does tht count as weird? I'm such a huge ass potato couch! LOL.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There's no such thing as love. "Don't ever fall in love. Make someone love you instead."- KNG, 2010. T_T
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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Just a moment eh?

Hello, beautiful people. :) Now that holidays are over, I'm kinda at a lost on what to do, or even where to start studying for my finals. Last couple of days, my lappy gave up on me, and is currently under the care of my brother, who's reformatting it. Many thanks, for the replacement lappy as well.

Btw, guys. Its May already! Almost half of 2011 is gone, and have you reviewed your new year's resolution?? What did you achieve, and what you did not? I'm telling you, and also myself, that its not too late to try to try to remotivate yourself for the remaining 2011. Now that I'm getting closer and closer to the finals, I feel a lil insecure. There's so many topics to cover, and I am not in a position to say that I had grasped and understood everything in class. Well, maybe about 25%. And thats NOT ENOUGH.

Any effective ways of studying? Care to share? I desperately need to do well this sem, thank you.

Goshh. And maybe I should start off by minimizing my procrastination. Its getting the best of me, and I hate it.