Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Foreign food, abnormalities.

Am having diarrhea right now, I know I know, GROSS. Is it because of all the seafood I ate last night?? I highly doubt that. That was like 24 hours ago. I think I have low tolerance towards vinegar in high amount.

Yeah, super high amount. Thank you sister for deliberately putting so much vinegar and mayonnaise in the kimbap and sushi. Well, as the whole world know, mayonnaise contains vinegar, and vinegar contains... well, VINEGAR. Damn, tummy been hurting so bad! :((

Poor Shafiq also had stomach ache. Okay gtg rest. I'm super dehydrated.

P/s: heading back to Subang tomorrow night. See ya soon my love!

Final note: Met Noryang after about three years apart! Forgot to write about my reunion with Adeeb, Yang and the others, so busy these few days. Pictures are on fb, tq. Will update more later!

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