Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Just a moment eh?

Hello, beautiful people. :) Now that holidays are over, I'm kinda at a lost on what to do, or even where to start studying for my finals. Last couple of days, my lappy gave up on me, and is currently under the care of my brother, who's reformatting it. Many thanks, for the replacement lappy as well.

Btw, guys. Its May already! Almost half of 2011 is gone, and have you reviewed your new year's resolution?? What did you achieve, and what you did not? I'm telling you, and also myself, that its not too late to try to try to remotivate yourself for the remaining 2011. Now that I'm getting closer and closer to the finals, I feel a lil insecure. There's so many topics to cover, and I am not in a position to say that I had grasped and understood everything in class. Well, maybe about 25%. And thats NOT ENOUGH.

Any effective ways of studying? Care to share? I desperately need to do well this sem, thank you.

Goshh. And maybe I should start off by minimizing my procrastination. Its getting the best of me, and I hate it.

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jack said...

buat final past years byk2 dear.
xoxo :)