Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's hook up!

Noooo, I mean catch up. :D Well, I am currently in Melaka for a week or so preparing for finals. I know, the idea blows the minute I set foot in front of the doorsteps, coz I was having so much fun at home and all. But who cares? Its more family time anyway.

So, wht have u people been up to? IPTA students, congrats on ur VERY long break! As for Monashians like me, I'd say.... Break a leg! Have fun cracking ur brain this whole month. :)

Heyyy, on the bright side, the holidays are drawing near! I'm looking forward to that. Gotta motivate myself on a bigger picture here, since these days I am in a very lacking drive to study kinda mode. Do me a favor, okay guys? Do always TELL ME that you guys finished studying everythg! That way I won't wanna be left out, so I'll study more.hehe. :) Yeah, I'm insecure tht way.

Let's help each other yeah?Sorry for being such a bore with MIA-ness. Miraclely, my lappy can't be connected to the internet ever since I got here. A little mishaps and maybe a fortunate thg, I don't know.

Don't miss me too much, I'll be back soon! :)
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