Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long night

Just got back from hanging out with my favorite lil bros; Din and Pijat. Watched Pirates of Carribean, and it was boringggg. Very draggy. Had a good time catching up and all.

And yesterday, I finally got to meet my super busy bestfriend! How was the cupcakes Apek? Haha, he still ate it even when the bottom was wet. So sorry for tht, n thanks for putting up with my lousy cakes, I love you! :D Ouh and thanks for my fave choc, glad you didn't forget. Hehehe. We watched the Priest, and the movie was so so. I absolutely love the main guy though. So sexy! For a priest I mean. -,-'

Anyway, its gonna be a long night tonight. Am having trouble sleeping. Its almost 4am already. Huu

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