Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To be prepared for the worst?

My KNG. Kacak right? Haha. He looks absolutely not star-like in terms of looks, but his acting, AWESOME. He makes me fall in love with a bad guy with a moustache. ^^

Not tht I'm saying I'm actually in love with a bad guy with a moustache. -,-' Its just the drama that I'm currently watching, Bad Guy. Its a lil out of the norm for me since its not actually romantic comedy, which I prefer more.

Anyways, its decided tht this will be the last drama I'm watching until at least the final's over. I'm glad tht I chose ths drama coz its amazing, and no doubt I'm satisfied so far. 3 more eps to go before finishing and am planning to get it over with tomorrow. :D

Ouh. And I'm going back to Melaka on Thursday. Can't wait! Too bad I'd have to ditch class on Monday though. I'll make up for it, okay? Promise. Hee.

Final note: sorry for the short hiatus. I was a lil out of myself lately. I even stopped facebooking. Does tht count as weird? I'm such a huge ass potato couch! LOL.
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