Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beauty is pain

Because I got blisters from my heels, and my knees hurt so bad from the previous fall I think. I don't know why my knees would hurt, but it did, unfortunately.

Okay, so today Mimi and I went to Penyet since we're so hungry and all. Its been awhile since we had time to go for a nice meal. I'm glad we went and stuff ourselves full! Hehe. And we got ourselves new nails! :) I love love it. Hehehe

So tomorrow I might be going out with Enilda, I'm not sure if she'll be here, I hope she would. I haven't seen her in a while, it'd be nice to catch up! Talk to ya laterr aight? Goodnight, I hve to go to sleep now, legs are killing me! :(
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yayang.saira said...

lawa kuku nok. haha.

I.My.Me.Mine said...

Terima kasih makkk. But the glue won't come off! Nk buat cmne ni? :(