Monday, June 27, 2011

Beware Green Lantern's light!

Hello Earthlings! Sorry for missing for awhile. Anyway, its all good now.

Tiba tiba je its all good kan. I know you can guess why. Exams are finally OVER!! Last paper was on Tuesday, and on Thursday me and my girls went for an all fun day at Sunway Lagoon! And I got burnt bad now. Not THAT dark though, thank God. :) I went back home on Saturday and currently am enjoying the good life in Melaka and planning to do so for a month or so.

Luckily there's a side story. Starting from tomorrow, I'll be in charge of the education and well being of my younger sibs @ I'll officially be a maid at home. You know, doing the usual thingssssss. This time a lil hard core coz I have to get up at 7 am and all. Meaning, earlier sleeping time. 12 something I guess. Early right??

Well, big sis gotta sacrifice for the lil rascals. Hehehe. I'll write more, maybe tomorrow or the day after coz I'm desperate to get some sleep. Its already 1.20 am now. I'm dead if I cant get up tomorrow.

Note to self: Watching Super 8 tomorrow with Apek. I hope the movie's okay though, coz I heard it was kinda boringgg. Am exercising a maid's rights to watch movies tomorrow! Goodnight.

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