Monday, June 06, 2011

Finals fever!

I'm pretty sure Monashians are dealing with wht I'm dealing right now. Everyone stayed in their room, or looked too immersed in their studying to be bothered. Yeah, the stress is on my dear friends. Bring it on, baby! :D

What do you guys do, when you've read too much you could throw up? Well, some play computer games, watch movies etc. Me? I'm pretty much the same. Lepaking, bothering ppl is part of my job. Heh?

Okay, well, other thn tht, I destress by playing rubiks. Its been there with me fr my exams every year since aftr spm. Good mind exercise I think. Especially after the brain has been twisted ths way and tht by books and notes. :D

Just a quick update, yeah. First paper is on Wednesday, Biotech. And followed by Chemistry the day after. Pray for me okay? I'll keep u guys in my prayers too. :)

Note to self: If I ever have to choose again, I'll study law or nutrition instead of this. I keep questioning why did I chose science. And I believe I've found the reason; maybe I just wanna make my life miserable as it is. T_T
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