Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm sorry, I love you

Ever wondered why the tongue is as sharp as a knife? Or words for that matter. I don't know what is up with me these days. I've said mean things, stupid things, you name it. Is it the stress, or loneliness that got into me? Well, I have no idea. Just maybe its me having ridiculous thoughts of no one who understands me, no one for me to talk to, or no one to listen to me whine.

Indeed, humans are ungrateful right? No, I mean, I AM ungrateful. I have wonderful friends who are always there. A lot of people to blurt my problems to. And they listen, and listen without fail. Somehow I feel like my words might've hurt them unintentionally. And for that, I'm really sorry.

I'm not asking for understanding to what I've said, for there's no turning back on things said and done. Just know that I was being ridiculous and I didn't mean what I said. For hurting you, and disappointing you, I am terribly sorry. For being such a coward with this apology, I am sorry. For being a self-centered bitch, I'm sorry too.

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