Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well, it had been a crazy week. Not sitting in front of the lappy for five days is absolute torture. Thanks Mimi and Leen for letting me crash their room for a few days since my fan broke down. haha. I've stolen a fan from home, so now its all good. :D

Went to dinner with Liq just now. Its been, like a year or so since I last saw him. It was nice catching up. And eating at Murni always makes me eat like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha. Its the last day to eat and eat and eat afterall. Thanks yeah. :) We'll be sure to catch that movie after raya, okay?

Old news: Fasting starts tomorrow. Are you guys ready to do more good and steer away from bad things this whole month? Yes? Good. Please jangan lupa niat puasa okay! I always did that when I was much younger, so I'm reminding myself even more on this. Hehe.

Ouh. First lab session also starts tomorrow. And I don't have a lab partner. This is so sad. T_T Not to worry darlings, I'll find someone tomorrow. I wish ID took Crop Science though. Then I can pair up with him! Problem solved. Ughh, I wish. Why is he taking medicine again? No idea.

Okay I'm done writing. Too sleepy to even type. I'll just write more laterrr. Pray that I'll have a lab partner tomorrow yeah? Goodnight. :D

Friday, July 29, 2011

Here comes school ay?

This week Monashians finally starts classes and all. My first week is just bearable, and I hope next week's gonna be fine; wht with the labs starting and not to forget, RAMADHAN.

I gotta admit, I'm feeling hazy starting off this semester with different timetables with Mimi, Alin. We're independent women now. Hehe. :)Luckily Diana and my other girls are taking the same subjects.

Five days in Subang, I'm facing glitches here and there. My standing fan decided to get spoiled second day of classes and I have to worry about parking spaces unavailable to add to that pile of headache.

You guys pray for me that it'll all smooth out soon, okay? From next week onwards, it'll be back to busy me. Labs, quizzes, etc to entertain so this is a heads up for my missing action, yeah. :)
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Its time to say goodbye

Well, unexpectedly I'm leaving for Subang a day earlier. I was planning to head up on Sunday, but momsie have to work on Monday so she'll be tired if she sends me on Sunday. We're going tomorrow instead. =.=

One month is too short. I'll be having more dates with books than people after this, that's what I'm sure of. This is it. Its goodbye for the people here in Melaka, and hello for the people back in Subang.

I'll miss you guys so much after this. Thanks for making my holidays a very bright, and not so boring one! :)

A song for you love, xx. :D

Because love conquers all

Haha. Just saying, and its so not truee. :) I'm writing this midway of watching MIDAS at 4am. So sleepy, I think I'm gonna go sleep after this.

It feels so good to finally see No Min Woo in action again! His killer eyes are superb and I could die from staring at it all day. Too bad he isn't the leading cast so I'm waiting anxiously for his part in the drama.

Episodes 1-5 are done, and continuing the next 15 or so episodes tomorrow!

Ouh, and its Friday already?? Time does run like Bolt. Haha. I don't wanna go backkk! T_T

Finally, all is well in the world guys. :D I'm a happy fat girl once again. Hehe. Tty soon, xx.

P/s: sorry for being so emo these couple of days. I might be throwing tantrums coz I'm too hungry frm fasting.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reality check

When you love someone so much, you get hurt a lot easier. Maybe that's why sometimes Mimi and I fought over little things. But we made up pretty soon too. Because that's what bestfriends do. We fought, we made up, and we move on. Think about it. You argue with your family members all the time. And you guys made up, and finally move on.

Its a continuation process, because it shows that you're comfortable with each other to be yourself whether they like it or not. You're family after all. But today I'm writing not to talk about that at all. Heck, I don't even know what I'm writing. -,-

Let's just say that I'm in a state of confusion. One minute I'm happy, and the next I feel sad like a lost puppy. Okay, that's the word. I'm so lost right now. Maybe I should crawl back into my shell of heart and shut the door and put a no entry sign on it back on. That sounds terrific. Ughh

Like always, I'll just erase things on my mind when I wake up tomorrow morning. New day waiting, goodnight. :)

Note to self:
Returning to Monash in four days, gotta start packing, but I'm super lazy. T_T
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Monday, July 18, 2011


I guess there's always a first time for everything right? Well, you have fun. I'll have fun for you too here. Kthxbai.
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My hands can do wonderssssss

Look, the banner is finally up! And I gotta say, it kinda look awful. My editing skills is totally not something I can brag about. I'll edit it again if I have the heart to, if not, this will be the look of this blog for awhile. Sorry, I love to write, but I cannot draw, totally! True story: If you ever have the privilege of seeing my drawing, try comparing it with kindergarten's kids drawing. The perfect match. :D

Today Toncet's finally released from the hospital. So it was a crazy long and tiring day for me, what with getting her out of the hospital, grocery shopping, yada yada yadaaaaa.

I'm sleepy, but here I am writing at 12am. Kinda early to be sleepy right? I knowwwww, this is how early I slept these days unfortunately.

News guys! New semester starts next week and I don't know what to feel for this coming semester. I should feel excited I guess. Finally entering second yearrr, there's nothing unpleasant about that. Well, except for tighter schedule and tons of assignments, that is. I'll try harder this semester, I promise. :) And I hope that my friends are as supportive as they have been all this while. Lets strive together okay?

New semester, new beginning. Counting down days; a total of seven.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A night in...

Well, I'm pretty sure you guys have seen on facebook how my makeover went wrong. From a malay, I was transformed to a Latina? Haha, maybe tht's what makeover is all about. -,- Thank God that its free. Hehehe.

So, editing the header is out of subject today coz I'm currently having a sleepover in the hospital. Yupp, accompanying my baby sis tonight. :) it's fun actually. The bed is comfortable it almost feel like a real sleepover. Hahaha.
Since I'm uploading pictures from here, please understand its randomness. :)

Ouh, and this room got the view of funfair! Looks like it'll be fun, I haven't been to one since like agessss. T_T talk to you soon, people. Over and out.
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Headache on header

Hey everyone, these days had been... well, hectic. After the results drama and all, the girls and I decided to postpone our island vacay coz it wouldn't be fun without the complete gang! hehe. :) Good calll, I think. Maybe we'll go middle of this sem. Who knows, we're still planning on that.

It is exactly 1.30 am as I'm writing this and today my makeover is scheduled at 11 am. Big thanks to Anne for giving away her free makeover, since she's away in Canada. :D I am going to bed pretty soon, but before that, please ignore the ugly header for this layout yeah. I'm gonna fix it tomorrow maybe. I'll just have to call up a few friends for banner making tutorials I guess.

I know, I know, I suck at this technology thingy.
Till then, bear with me. If I make it to the appointment tomorrow I shall update the result of the makeover. I'm praying hard they won't doll me up horrible. :) Goodnight.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soldier on

Today sucks. Big time. To Monashians who had viewed their results today, congratulations for all your hard work for the finals. And congratulations too for the results, no matter good or bad. You've done your best, so I congratulate you guys on that.

As for my results, Alhamdulillah. I am thankful for passing everything, but I can't say that I am proud with my results. I am very dissapointed with myself, and very pissed. When I feel like I've done enough, in the end, its still not enough. You get what I mean?

Whatever, its all over now. I need some serious cheering up tomorrow. And so I'm going out w Rakina fr lunch and what not.

I'm sad, and I think a lot about a dear friend of mine. I pray hard that everything will be okay for her, I really do. At this point of time, all I can say is, "soldier on babe!" I love you, and I'll be here no matter what.

Let's all hope for a better tomorrow. Let's still plan for our vacation babies! Forget all this sadness for a moment and enjoy each other's company, be it a moment. xx
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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Something is wrong

Is it just me, or there's really something wrong with blogger site. These days it has been weird. I might have to go change my layout again. -,-

Ouh, people. Today my mom's car got scratched pretty bad because of me, and I'm feeling a lil out of it. I literally had a mental break down once the car hit my house gate the second time. Goshh, maybe I'm really a terrible terrible driver. Or maybe I should really give up driving, I dont know.

All I know is that I have to drive, have to no matter what. So, I'm just sucking it all in and I hope tomorrow I wont be hitting anything. Please pray for me, its very dangerous for me to drive and I know it.

Thank you, ice cream man for the McFlurry. That lifted my mood, and its highly appreciated. :) Sorry for bothering you with my drama as soon as you woke up. Hehehe. xx

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Who did it better?

So today Apek and I went to watch Transformers 3: Dark of Moon. I know it was supposed to be a family date movie, but its just too long a wait for my sister to come back home that I simply have to watch it first! I figured I'll watch it 2nd time with my sibs then. :)

The movie was not as good as Transformers 1 and 2, and the question remains, who's better? Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington?
I think Megan's character looks better as Shia's gf in the movie. Rosie's character is kinda soft but sexy, Megan's kinda tomboyish sexyyyyy. :)

After the movie, we went sight-seeing by the beach. Hehe, not exactly beach, but its fun and relaxing.
Bangau yang too small, and barely visible in this pic.
My best man

My best self? Hahahaha
I should've captured him in one of those Titanic poses! Haishhhh. :P
Ouhhhhh, I love this picture! And thanks bestie for making my gigantic legs look small. :D

Overall today was a fun day! Thanks Apek for not yelling like my mom when I almost hit the motorcyclist while driving just now. Hahahaha. I'm not a bad driver, *Apek says so*. More practice I guess. :) Sayang lebih for being my 5 mins driving instructor. . =,=

Tomorrow am gonna go someplace with mom, I hope everything goes well.
Goodnight loves, xx

Friday, July 01, 2011

Movies please?

Since Transformers 3 is a total family date, I'm reserving tht to watchhhh, next week maybe. But I heard reviews for Sekali Lagi, and it looked good. I wanna watch that please?

Ouh, and I am a total failure at homeee. Can't seem to wake up early for school, and too lazy to jog. I'm screwed. If I gain more weight I'll never be able to face the world. I won't go see anyone anymore.

Okay I'm exaggerating. Well, you get the picture. Gonna go jog later maybe, dragging my sister to accompany me. :)
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