Friday, July 22, 2011

Because love conquers all

Haha. Just saying, and its so not truee. :) I'm writing this midway of watching MIDAS at 4am. So sleepy, I think I'm gonna go sleep after this.

It feels so good to finally see No Min Woo in action again! His killer eyes are superb and I could die from staring at it all day. Too bad he isn't the leading cast so I'm waiting anxiously for his part in the drama.

Episodes 1-5 are done, and continuing the next 15 or so episodes tomorrow!

Ouh, and its Friday already?? Time does run like Bolt. Haha. I don't wanna go backkk! T_T

Finally, all is well in the world guys. :D I'm a happy fat girl once again. Hehe. Tty soon, xx.

P/s: sorry for being so emo these couple of days. I might be throwing tantrums coz I'm too hungry frm fasting.
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