Friday, July 29, 2011

Here comes school ay?

This week Monashians finally starts classes and all. My first week is just bearable, and I hope next week's gonna be fine; wht with the labs starting and not to forget, RAMADHAN.

I gotta admit, I'm feeling hazy starting off this semester with different timetables with Mimi, Alin. We're independent women now. Hehe. :)Luckily Diana and my other girls are taking the same subjects.

Five days in Subang, I'm facing glitches here and there. My standing fan decided to get spoiled second day of classes and I have to worry about parking spaces unavailable to add to that pile of headache.

You guys pray for me that it'll all smooth out soon, okay? From next week onwards, it'll be back to busy me. Labs, quizzes, etc to entertain so this is a heads up for my missing action, yeah. :)
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Diana Zainal said...

not to worry ye makcik. bersatu kita teguh. insyallah berjaya ;)

I.My.Me.Mine said...

hehehe, yup. bersatu kita teguh!