Monday, July 18, 2011

My hands can do wonderssssss

Look, the banner is finally up! And I gotta say, it kinda look awful. My editing skills is totally not something I can brag about. I'll edit it again if I have the heart to, if not, this will be the look of this blog for awhile. Sorry, I love to write, but I cannot draw, totally! True story: If you ever have the privilege of seeing my drawing, try comparing it with kindergarten's kids drawing. The perfect match. :D

Today Toncet's finally released from the hospital. So it was a crazy long and tiring day for me, what with getting her out of the hospital, grocery shopping, yada yada yadaaaaa.

I'm sleepy, but here I am writing at 12am. Kinda early to be sleepy right? I knowwwww, this is how early I slept these days unfortunately.

News guys! New semester starts next week and I don't know what to feel for this coming semester. I should feel excited I guess. Finally entering second yearrr, there's nothing unpleasant about that. Well, except for tighter schedule and tons of assignments, that is. I'll try harder this semester, I promise. :) And I hope that my friends are as supportive as they have been all this while. Lets strive together okay?

New semester, new beginning. Counting down days; a total of seven.

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