Saturday, July 16, 2011

A night in...

Well, I'm pretty sure you guys have seen on facebook how my makeover went wrong. From a malay, I was transformed to a Latina? Haha, maybe tht's what makeover is all about. -,- Thank God that its free. Hehehe.

So, editing the header is out of subject today coz I'm currently having a sleepover in the hospital. Yupp, accompanying my baby sis tonight. :) it's fun actually. The bed is comfortable it almost feel like a real sleepover. Hahaha.
Since I'm uploading pictures from here, please understand its randomness. :)

Ouh, and this room got the view of funfair! Looks like it'll be fun, I haven't been to one since like agessss. T_T talk to you soon, people. Over and out.
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