Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well, it had been a crazy week. Not sitting in front of the lappy for five days is absolute torture. Thanks Mimi and Leen for letting me crash their room for a few days since my fan broke down. haha. I've stolen a fan from home, so now its all good. :D

Went to dinner with Liq just now. Its been, like a year or so since I last saw him. It was nice catching up. And eating at Murni always makes me eat like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha. Its the last day to eat and eat and eat afterall. Thanks yeah. :) We'll be sure to catch that movie after raya, okay?

Old news: Fasting starts tomorrow. Are you guys ready to do more good and steer away from bad things this whole month? Yes? Good. Please jangan lupa niat puasa okay! I always did that when I was much younger, so I'm reminding myself even more on this. Hehe.

Ouh. First lab session also starts tomorrow. And I don't have a lab partner. This is so sad. T_T Not to worry darlings, I'll find someone tomorrow. I wish ID took Crop Science though. Then I can pair up with him! Problem solved. Ughh, I wish. Why is he taking medicine again? No idea.

Okay I'm done writing. Too sleepy to even type. I'll just write more laterrr. Pray that I'll have a lab partner tomorrow yeah? Goodnight. :D

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