Monday, August 29, 2011


If missing you became a habit, then I don't like us at all.

If missing you seems one-sided, then I don't like us at all.

But, I don't want to dislike us. Don't want to.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Salam perantauan

Hello guys! I'm very very very hyper and excited today, coz I'm finally gonna go back home for raya tonight! :D

And I'm gonna go last minute baju raya shopping at jalan TAR, I hope there are nice ones left there. :)

Am looking forward to baking cookies and seeing my family! Okay now singing Balik Kampung song. Laalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Touch wood, touch wood

Why I think today is the worst day of this sem?

Well, lets start bright early shall we?

My class today starts at 8 am, and I have a lab session at 9 am. I am proud to say that I RARELY wake up late for class. On weekends, yes I woke up at 11 or 12, but not on weekdays. Normally I'll wake up at 6.50am just to get ready for class. So this morning, Leen woke me up saying that it's 8.40am already. And I was like, damnnnn, that's a horrible start to my day and I'm pretty sure I'm running late for my lab session. I think someone texted me at 6 plus plus am, woke me up and I must've turned off my alarm clock by accident. Thankyouverymuch. =.=

Sure enough, we arrived 15 minutes late. And we proceed with pipetting solutions into test tubes, yada yada yada. Halfway through, we realized that we're doing the wrong experiment. =,=

We redo the experiment, and went to take the absorbance. Then all the readings are negative! Which is useless in our experiment, meaning we have to have a hell time writing our discussions, or we'll have to take the results from other groups. And we chose the latter.

Now, fast forwarding to the end of classes and all. It was 5pm, and I was rushing home to go sleep or relax, or whatever, since the girls and I are gonna break fast together later. When I arrived at my car, I was petrified to see
THIS. *not the real image*

Luckily my car was parked in front of a tyre shop. I was gonna get the guy to change my tyre, but then he said my tyre is fine. And he said that someone must've deflate it. -,-

Wtf, seriously? That's a fucking waste of time. Thank you abg tukar tayar, but fuck you stupid fella whom deflate my tyre!

Now all is well, and hopefully it'll continue to be well. ;)

p/s: someone made me totally unhappy today. well, thank you for that too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The King of all ridiculous

So I was google-ing my blog post title last night for fun, and guess what I found?
The same title, the same entry, same exact words with minor changes, only from a different blog. Like wtf right?

Click image to enlarge. This is EXACTLY like my post. click here---> Movies please?

And these two posts are of the same title I'm Sorry, I Love You and The obedient one

I'm not gonna disclose who the owner of the blog is, but come on, girl. I don't mind you stalking my blog, or reading it. But to take my written thoughts and feelings and post it up as yours is just too much. Like seriously, get a life.

Stop raping my blog, its solely mine and mine only. You don't know anything till you've walked in my shoes, so copying and pasting? Nope, not gonna get you there.

This is by far the most ridiculous thing everrrrrrr. Kthxbai. =,=

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zombie week again

A very very very nice song. Agreed?

I have a very long report to finish tonight. Let's hope that I could finish it in time! :)
*Okay typing furiously now. Laterrr people!

Oh so random

Being happy is a lot harder than it looks. Trying to be happy is a lot of work, both time consuming and also tiring. I am doing this for you. I am trying to be happy for you, and because of you.

It took me two years to get to this point, but somehow I think I'm back to square one again.

That's why they say that the greatest thing that ever happened to you, might also be the biggest mistake of your life. Well, you were my biggest mistake.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I think I should probably change my url soon. I have this theory, and I had it tested yesterday.

Guess what? The theory is proven to be true. Yay me!

But then again, maybe I won't change my url. Its a nuisance and I don't really care who reads my blog. If I think you're an ass, then you'll still be an ass to me.

Anyways, after much thought to my temper tantrums last night, I realized that my good friend deserve a beating. But still, getting super mad over that is just well, I don't know, inappropiate?

Well, he's not my boyfriend afterall. Like, get a grip girl. Don't mistaken your bestfriend for your boyfriend.

I'm super busy that I don't need one at the moment to add to my pile of work, thank you. :)

I'm not superwoman

Although I've let out my anger on twitter just now, it still feels insufficient. Hell, I don't even know if I'm THAT angry. I just feel wronged.

Now get this point straight. I don't like driving, and I hate driving at night, much worse, driving alone at night. I get scared easily, and I'm a timid person. So if you wanna meet me, please fetch me thank you. -,-'

Another thing, I hate it when you said that you're coming and end up not showing up. Common sense la bro. Of course I've dolled myself up, and the minute you say that you're not coming, you became the jerk.

So, the end result is: I don't feel like talking to you tonight and I'm not picking up the phone. Nope, I'm still awake but I just refuse to talk to you.

Oh yes, I am mad. Talk to me tomorrow and we'll see how.

Till then, the very pissed off me is gonna go sleep. Goodnight the rest of you lovely people! :)
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Wishlist: Batch 001

Hey guys, its been a long and tiring week. As promised, here's my first batch of wishlist. And there's only three that I can think of right now. So here goes.... :)

I know, I know, wtf right? Pikachu pajamas? =.=' Well, if you guys had known me long enough, you'll be sure to know that I'm a big fan of pjs. But I don't buy it all the time, sadly. Why I love pjs? Coz wearing pjs makes me feel at home, at ease, and its very comfortable! :D
Ouh. In case you guys are wondering, I don't want pikachu pjs. I just want this uber cute long sweatshirt! It looks comfortable for me to sleep in. Hehehehe. Moving on,
I want a new pair of loafers! Mine is looking very worn and ugly at the moment, I think I need new ones ASAP. This is due to the fact that I wore it to class almost everyday. I personally like the yellow, mint and light blue colour from this photo. So, get me one of those please? ;P
This is the MOST WANTED out of all three items. I found this from glossyaddiction and its selling only for RM59! Get me this, get me this!! :D :D
In black. But I prefer the cream colour one coz I have a few black coloured handbags already. hee.

I'm super sleepy while writing this, so goodbye for now. I'll be posting another entry before I go to bed, after this. Thanks for reading, and take out your wallet and purses now!

What are you waiting for?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Be the third man

"There's only two types of men in this world. The one who cheats, and the one who wants to." -Louis Khoo.

Watched Don't Go Breaking My Heart and got that. Interesting FACT. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why women like tall guys?

Because of these.......
Miu Miu Mary Jane pumps. Lovely! :)
Prada Mary Jane pumps.
Black Oxford platforms
Oxford platform

Christian Louboutin platform sandal!

Well, given someone of my height, or maybe women who are taller than me, its very important to find a guy who's at least 10 cm taller than us. Why? Because we women refuse to give up our rights for wearing sky high stilettos. And we don't want our boyfriends, or husband or kids, err. Okay not kids, to be shorter than us when we're in heels. That'll look, well, unappealing?

Don't get me wrong, there's no discrimination against shorter guys here. There's a saying if a woman marry a shorter guy, they'll be blessed with prosperity and wealth. I don't know about that. Hehe.

Anyway, the point I'm writing this is because its 14th of August already! And in less than a month, I'll be turning 20. So this month, I'll be posting my wishlist here and there. Please try to get presents from my wishlist yeah? Or NOT. Its the thought that counts afterall. *I'll love you more if it comes from my wishlist though! hahahaha :)

I've bought the oxford platforms already, so I'm still thinking of others for you guys to splurge on.

I've been eyeing a very nice looking Mary Jane pumps, and I absolutely love it. Get me that one instead! I'll keep you guys posted. Goodnight, people! xx

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breathe in, out, up up and away!

The title is ridiculous I know. Its finally Wednesday and I can breathe a huge sigh of relieve since tomorrow I'm handing in two assignments, which further means less work on my plate. The downside of tomorrow is as usual, my four hour Instrumental Analysis lab. But I think it'll be bearable coz our group is doing an experiment involving gunpowder and I can't wait to get my hands on em' guns! :D Okay, not real guns of course. Still, firing a toy gun will be the highlight of my day. hehehe

Tomorrow is also the first day I'm fasting again, so I'm excited! I've been eating like a pig this whole week, therefore fasting is in dire need to lose some kgs. :) Us girls are planning on break fasting at pak cik's tomorrow! It'll be awesome I bet. I miss his cooking!

Gotta go guys, I have a very confusing lab report to get myself confused with. Till then, watch this for good laughs. Shane Dawson; funny dude. :)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I need new hair

I mean, not literally new hair. Coz that would mean that I'd have to shave my head bald and grow new hair. Well, you know the drill.

I'm talking about getting a curl again or cutting it short. My hair is super long now, I kid you not. Almost reaching my waist, and its awfully messy. I'm thinking of getting it permed only towards the end of my hair. Buttttt, I dont know. It means that I'm keeping it messy at the end of the day. And this semester is just too hectic for me to have time to take care of my hair. Besides, I'm especially concerned with the fact that my hair is dry, and it looks unhealthy. I better get it treated soon!
My current picture. Messy hair right?

Okay, I can completely forget the idea of cutting my hair short. The last time I had it short, my face looked ten times bigger! Where do I get to hide my precious cheeks? Nowhere. So its out there, in the open. I looked like a fucking mom! NOPE. Not gonna go there this time.

I need time to decide. Ouh wait. I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME. Well, until raya that is. Who knows, I might not change anything at all.

Enough hair talk. Its school day, tomorrow. Yuppp. Class starts at 8am, thank you. Have a great week ahead guys! :D

7th Ramadhan

I know. Second post in a night. I must be bored out of my mind. :D But, but butttt. I'm here to advertise! Since its already the 7th day of Ramadhan, and raya is coming in well, another 23 days, the hunt for baju raya must be on right?

Check out this blogshop! Chicks and Dresses

They have some prom dresses for rent! Geolens are also available at very reasonable prices! :)
I think they're still working on selling dresses, so we'll see.
But still, visit it if you're a fan of cute colourful contact lenses!
Cute ayy?

p/s: This is not a paid advertisement, tq. ;)

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I must be doing something right

Its the middle of Saturday night, and I'm still awake. Yeay me! :) My laziness in the morning is totally over the top. Its like I've wasted Saturday doing nothing. Well, that gotta change. Everything must change. I'm planning things to do tomorrow.

Maybe I can start off by waking up early. Okay here's the tricky part. Anyone who knows me know that on weekends I hate getting up early. The earliest will be 11, 12 pm? I know, too much sleep is not healthy, but after an excruciating routine of waking up early for classes Monday to Friday, I always thought I deserve it.

But then again, maybe no.

I thought I'd try waking up a little early tomorrow. :) We'll see.

So, just now I was video-walking on Youtube and I found songs I love from Westlife. My all time favorite boyband! I'll just put one up here.

I cried just now watching Us Against the World video. That song is just so sadddd. :( But 'Something Right' is just okay. hehe.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Its Friday already??

Today I woke up with a cramp in the stomach. Ouh, its period pain. Good morning ovary! :) Maybe its too cold, hence the elevated degree of pain. Although it took me up till noon to find my pink panadol, I'm glad I found it in one of my handbags. Now waiting for the effect to take place. Waiting for the ovary muscles to relax.

My life savior.

Hey, have you guys watched No Strings Attached? I thought about the part where Ashton Kutcher made Natalie Portman a period playlist. That was hilarious! I mean, a period playlist? Seriously? xD

So, in another hour or so I shall get ready to go to class. Just one class. Awesomeee! I shall not blabber much coz I got work to do, but I'm putting up this video coz I simply love it and of course the song. :)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

On the brightside

So you guys know how I've been whining about going to lab sessions this week right? Well, it turned out that one of my labs isn't that bad at all. I have three labs this semester; Crop Science *I knowwwwww, blerghhhhh* Cell Metabolism, and Instrumental Analysis.

Now what I really wanna talk about is my Cell Met lab. :D My demonstrator this semester is...... well, how shall I put it? Easy on the eyes, and have a great personality. Although in the beginning, most of us find him annoying coz he was always walking around asking us this and that, BUT in the end I mostly find him adorable! hehehehe. He's just so kind and funny! I hope he gives out marks easily too, though. I'll love him more if he do that.

See how sweet he is? He even took the time to write this and put it on our table. :D I wonder whether I should abuse his email address with love letters and all. Okay, NOT happening.

Well, how easy on the eyes is he? He's tall and you guys know how I'm a sucker for tall guys right? So that's a plus. In terms of looks, he's just typical good looking.
Not as good looking as Ryan Seacrest though. ;)

Ermm, why am I talking so much about my demo anyway??

Moving on, Crop Science was okay but Instrumental Analysis was hell. Its a too long and tiring lab. Four hours doing the experiment makes me wonder my fate if I were to work in the lab in the future. NO THANK YOU. Too boring to repeat the same thing over and overrr again.

On another note, its red flag day for me! This following week should be more energetic for me since I'm not fasting! I'm super excited, but I can feel the menstrual cramps coming. That's bad news. But. But. But. I have good news too! Tomorrow I have only one class at 3pm, hence I can sleep late tonight. Bahahaha. xD Okay guys, I gotta continue typing reports and stuffs.

Note to self: I'm a lousy driver. That's a fact. I wonder when will that fact change? I pity my baby car. He got me, the lousy driver as the owner. God save us both, baby. Mommy's gonna take care of you better this time. Have faith.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Let's see what you're build of

Mood swings are just around the corner, and it'll be a bumpy ride guys. Wht with the hot weather and all. Be prepared for emo entries, or pissed off entries yeah. Orrr, maybe not. Let's hope that I don't get mad that much this month. I started off August with a good feeling, and I hope this month treats me well! ;)
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