Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breathe in, out, up up and away!

The title is ridiculous I know. Its finally Wednesday and I can breathe a huge sigh of relieve since tomorrow I'm handing in two assignments, which further means less work on my plate. The downside of tomorrow is as usual, my four hour Instrumental Analysis lab. But I think it'll be bearable coz our group is doing an experiment involving gunpowder and I can't wait to get my hands on em' guns! :D Okay, not real guns of course. Still, firing a toy gun will be the highlight of my day. hehehe

Tomorrow is also the first day I'm fasting again, so I'm excited! I've been eating like a pig this whole week, therefore fasting is in dire need to lose some kgs. :) Us girls are planning on break fasting at pak cik's tomorrow! It'll be awesome I bet. I miss his cooking!

Gotta go guys, I have a very confusing lab report to get myself confused with. Till then, watch this for good laughs. Shane Dawson; funny dude. :)

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