Saturday, August 06, 2011

I must be doing something right

Its the middle of Saturday night, and I'm still awake. Yeay me! :) My laziness in the morning is totally over the top. Its like I've wasted Saturday doing nothing. Well, that gotta change. Everything must change. I'm planning things to do tomorrow.

Maybe I can start off by waking up early. Okay here's the tricky part. Anyone who knows me know that on weekends I hate getting up early. The earliest will be 11, 12 pm? I know, too much sleep is not healthy, but after an excruciating routine of waking up early for classes Monday to Friday, I always thought I deserve it.

But then again, maybe no.

I thought I'd try waking up a little early tomorrow. :) We'll see.

So, just now I was video-walking on Youtube and I found songs I love from Westlife. My all time favorite boyband! I'll just put one up here.

I cried just now watching Us Against the World video. That song is just so sadddd. :( But 'Something Right' is just okay. hehe.

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