Sunday, August 07, 2011

I need new hair

I mean, not literally new hair. Coz that would mean that I'd have to shave my head bald and grow new hair. Well, you know the drill.

I'm talking about getting a curl again or cutting it short. My hair is super long now, I kid you not. Almost reaching my waist, and its awfully messy. I'm thinking of getting it permed only towards the end of my hair. Buttttt, I dont know. It means that I'm keeping it messy at the end of the day. And this semester is just too hectic for me to have time to take care of my hair. Besides, I'm especially concerned with the fact that my hair is dry, and it looks unhealthy. I better get it treated soon!
My current picture. Messy hair right?

Okay, I can completely forget the idea of cutting my hair short. The last time I had it short, my face looked ten times bigger! Where do I get to hide my precious cheeks? Nowhere. So its out there, in the open. I looked like a fucking mom! NOPE. Not gonna go there this time.

I need time to decide. Ouh wait. I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME. Well, until raya that is. Who knows, I might not change anything at all.

Enough hair talk. Its school day, tomorrow. Yuppp. Class starts at 8am, thank you. Have a great week ahead guys! :D

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